Vietnam / day 2 in Mui Ne


Day 2 in Mui Ne, Vietnam. The hotels restaurant is located in the main building in the middle of the complex. They serve a massive breakfast buffet with both western and asian foods. Because the weather was very warm I usually ate fruits and nibbled on pancakes or croissants.

Wearing a beautiful kaftan dress from Zara and sandals from DuneExotic fruits and pancakes
After breakfast me and the younger part of the family spent some time by the pool playing around

In the afternoon we took a cab to the red sand dunes. It was smaller than I had expected but still very stunning.

We hired these plastic boards and went down the sand dunes. The kids absolutely loved it (including me..)

After playing around in the sand we took a short break and had coconut juice, my faaaave.
Next stop; The Fairy Stream.
The Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) is a little river that winds through dunes and forests behind a small village. It is free to go, so don’t pay if anyone asks. It resembles, in a miniature way, of the Grand Canyon with its vivid colours. The stream is mostly ankle deep and the water is comfortably warm. Most importantly.. it is BEAUTIFUL. We went there quite late in the afternoon so unfortunately the pictures aren’t as bright, but you get the idea 🙂


If you ever find yourself in Mui Ne, promise you’ll visit this magical place.


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