Natural History Museum in Oxford


After breakfast we drove back to Oxford and decided to visit the Natural History Museum and my gosh what a stunning building! The inside was even better!bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford3 We walked around like kids looking at everything on displaybynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford4 bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford5 bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford6 bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford8Touched various animals.. bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford9 Afterwards we walked back to the car (my face says what kind of mood I was in) and drove back to London.. oxford-no-12-copyCar snack :):):)bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford10Because I didn’t have all time in the world to get ready I decided to remove my old nail polish in the car by using these.. img_7528I bought these pads at Urban Outfitters and was pleasantly surprised over how good they were!
We arrived back in London in the early afternoon and I immediately warmed up some food and started getting ready for the evening!

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