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Random pictures from our last days in Mineiros


Back to Brazil! During our last couple of days we didn’t do much except eat and spend time with family. Here’s a few random snaps! Food. Always food. Above is the best meat I’ve ever had. Yum. Pool vibes. Some kind of super sweet sweetcorn dessert, delicious but oh so sweet. Played around by the pool with G behind the camera Tried sugarcane juice for the first time. It tastes like.. sugar. This is where we walked to get those…

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Ushuaïa ants and anxiety


On my last day we woke up at 7am due to our friends arriving home, haha. The day before me and G had joked about shooting in the sunrise and since we were now up at 7am we thought, why not! We walked down to the near-empty beach and took some really great photos that I’ll post as soon as G has finished playing around with them (read: editing). Later we had lunch nearby and got ready for Ants, a…

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