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Noelle and Mikaela’s day of fun!


If you didn’t get the Friends reference we’re not friends.

As previous post stated, we had the best weekend! After checking in to our hotel room and eating marshmallows dipped in chocolate we got ready and decided to explore Canary Wharf. I live in the area but Mikaela is still a newbie so I took her to Crossrail Place to grab lunch.


Ramen soup at Ippudo, nom nom

Super delicious!
We then popped upstairs to one of my favourite spots in CW, the rooftop garden.

After wandering around we walked back to the hotel, changed and took the lift to lower ground floor where they have..

Such a beautiful pool! They also have a jet so you can swim against a stream.. super cool.

(bikini from Asos)

At 6pm we were invited to Bokan to enjoy a lovely 3 course dinner.

Very happy ladies!

After our meal we walked upstairs with our newfound friends Nik and Phellipe. You’ll see them in a picture soon.

We got bored so went outside for a little walk!

And sat down in a nearby park to take selfies.

And caught the sunset..

We rushed back to see the last bit of the sunset from the rooftop


We soon got hungry again so we finished our wine and went back outside!

This time to Sticks and Sushi in Crossrail Place

I liked this guys tshirt

The food was absolutely amazing!

After our meal we walked back, very full, and spent yet another hour or so on the rooftop chatting away!

The next morning we had the most delicious breakfast at Bokan and oh boy, we went nuts.
Cocoa puffs, sandwiches, eggs, bacon, potato, fruit and (not pictured) pancakes. YUM!

We still had some time before check out so we went back to the pool and sauna for a bit before doing a face mask in the room

This was hands down one of the best weekends of this year (that was in London..)!
We actually filmed a lot during the weekend as well and I can’t wait to share the video once I’ve managed to edit all the footage 🙂

Thanks again Novotel for a wonderful weekend!


A different view | Novotel Canary Wharf


My weekend was seriously amazing. Not only did I get to explore a brand new hotel and eat good food, but I got to share the experience with Mikaela, my bestie!
I was invited to stay at Novotel in Canary Wharf on Saturday and we checked in around 1pm. Here’s a little tour of the room!

(I had to split the posts in two as we were very snappy!)

The bedroom

Bathroom with little to none privacy (or so we thought).. turned out there was a button to “frost” the glass 😉

Insane view from the 27th floor

Gifts!! Some coffee, seeds, tea and spices 🙂 Thank you Louisa!

More treats!!

And last but not least.. the pool and sauna.

Such a beautiful hotel! Wished I could stay there all the time, haha.
If you’re looking for hotels in Canary Wharf – Novotel is the place to book, trust me!


Bokan View


I’ve mentioned my new neighbour Bokan a handful of times now, but get used to it. Yesterday I was invited to “Bokan View”, an afternoon of artisanal food and drinks, cooking demonstration and live music at the rooftop (39th floor).
My plus one for the evening was my good friend Nam, who owns Love Fresh Vietnamese.
The stunning rooftop!
 Live music! The band was so so good.
 Welcome drinks.
 Spices for the cooking demonstration by Head Chef Aurélie Altemaire

 Look at this beauty?! Next up, cocktails! And dessert.. mmmh.  After the lovely demonstration we got to try it all – and some more!Nom nom nombokan view, bokan londonTwo very satisfied friends! Both mentally (good conversations) and physically (food…).
It got a little bit chilly outside so I showed Nam the inside of Bokan (since I’m a regular, haha!)
A massive thank you to Bokan for the invite! We had a lovely time and I can’t wait to go back and enjoy the stunning views again.

Bokan (Novotel Canary Wharf)
40 Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs
London E14 9TP


Sunday lunch at Bokan in Novotel Canary Wharf


On Sunday we finally visited the restaurant Bokan for lunch. It is newly opened and located on the 37th floor of Novotel Hotel in Canary Wharf with the most stunning panoramic views over London.

First of all.. Excuse the random mix of camera and phone pictures. My camera decided to quit so I kind of forced G to bring his one!The interior is rustic but modern and warm. We discussed the restaurants furniture at length since G is an architect. He was impressed too, so that is a good sign!Stunning view!We were given fresh bread with salted butter to start with.We decided to skip starters and jump straight to mains as we were starving. It’s rare that I have this at fancy restaurants but as I said, I was starving. Whilst waiting for our food I was given a lovely pink rose because it was mother’s day (all women in the restaurant got one). Brownie points to Bokan!My main was a burger with bacon, cheddar, ginger glaze and triple cooked fries. It was very well cooked and dare I say the best burger I’ve ever had?! G on the other hand went for a vegetarian dish (rarely happens!). Fresh spaghetti with bocconcini, cherry tomatoes and pistou.The spaghetti was absolutely delicious and I will definitely order it next time.
Even though we both slowly started to feel the food coma we couldn’t resist having a little peak at the dessert menu. We ordered the tropical meringue (coconut, mango sorbet and cashew) but were given this.. Yuzu and lime tart (fromage blanc ice cream). We mentioned this was a wrong order and the staff kindly said that we could try it and that the meringue was on its way – very good save!G wanted to pop the meringue in the bowl but not before I had a bite holding it as a sandwich.. 🙂
After dinner I wanted to show G the rooftop, so we took the stairs upstairs.I really want those chairs and tables! Even the rug!Rooftop vibes. Will be such a good spot in the summer 🙂Lastly.. Let’s have a little peak at the female bathroom. I rarely take pictures of interior in bathrooms but this is pretty incredible.And this is the view?!We had such a wonderful time and I can’t believe I have such a good place near where I live. Carlos (our waiter) also explained that they have started with live music on fridays – will definitely have to check that one out 🙂

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