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Feeling low


I’ve been feeling really really low lately. Like really low. I think it started with us returning from Brazil, cause who wouldn’t be miserable coming back to a grey, cold and rainy London? It then continues with a lot of negativity at work. Negativity and stress I thought I handled well but my mind clearly wanted to spend more time on. I had the BEST weekend with Mikaela but that felt like an escape. A fun one. On top of…

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Random pictures from our last days in Mineiros


Back to Brazil! During our last couple of days we didn’t do much except eat and spend time with family. Here’s a few random snaps! Food. Always food. Above is the best meat I’ve ever had. Yum. Pool vibes. Some kind of super sweet sweetcorn dessert, delicious but oh so sweet. Played around by the pool with G behind the camera Tried sugarcane juice for the first time. It tastes like.. sugar. This is where we walked to get those…

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Giant Robot – A new addition to Streetfeast


Streetfeast has opened yet another eating and drinking rooftopia, as they call it, in Canary Wharf! Me and Emelie decided to check it out on thursday and invited a couple of friends to share the experience with us (none ended up in pictures, we were too busy eating) I love the walk around West India Quay. Giant Robot looks like this from the outside: Pretty crazy, right? When we arrived we went straight to the bar. And then checked out…

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What I’ve done in the last couple of days


Sorry for the blog-silence but I’ve simply been busy with all of this: I made a delicious falafel salad with wraps. I washed my converses for the first time (long overdue). I popped the laces in a laundry bag and shoes in the washing machine at 30 degrees and low spin. Worked like a charm! Iron Zuu on Wednesday was an absolute killer. I felt so sick afterwards, haha. But my nausea was treated with Love Fresh Vietnamese and Mikaela…

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My weekend in pictures: Food, drinks and lots of talking


It feels like my weekend started Thursday evening. My flatmate’s parents came to visit and she arranged all of this:Delicious! It was so lovely meeting her parents and I see where she gets her personality from 😉 Friday was just another day at work (and the terror attack…) which finished at Smiths across the road.On Saturday I went to Aje Beauty and had a LVL lash lift! More on that in another post. Walked past these beauties and could not…

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It’s his birthday!


So today is the day that my dear bf was born twenty something years ago. He’s very hard to please but I hope my surprise Nando’s lunch and cake this weekend made him happy. We’re both trying to be good money wise since we’re going to Brazil soon, but a tiny celebration ain’t hurt nobody! Love you lots älskling.…

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Bokan View


I’ve mentioned my new neighbour Bokan a handful of times now, but get used to it. Yesterday I was invited to “Bokan View”, an afternoon of artisanal food and drinks, cooking demonstration and live music at the rooftop (39th floor). My plus one for the evening was my good friend Nam, who owns Love Fresh Vietnamese. The stunning rooftop!  Live music! The band was so so good.  Welcome drinks.  Spices for the cooking demonstration by Head Chef Aurélie Altemaire  Look at this…

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Swedish dinner at SMAKA


Last night me and Nicole had dinner at SMAKA in Aldgate East. About damn time I’ll say! I arrived first and did what all bloggers do, take pictures. Minimal, scandinavian interior. Stunning.Had a little peek at the menu..I was starving after my workout and 20 min walk to Aldgate so the bread was highly appreciated!Classic “knäckebröd” with butter. Whilst waiting for Nicole I chatted with the lovely owner Dennie and the waitress I didn’t get the name of. Nicole eventually…

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Hump day!


Photos by Paelo Saddler Happy hump day! Am I the only one who quite enjoys Wednesdays? Monday’s and Tuesday’s are my least fave days but when you reach Wednesday you know the weekend is near 🙂 After work I am going to IronZuu with a few colleagues (recruiting as many as I can, haha) and then having dinner at Smaka with Nicole! I have never been to a scandi restaurant (except IKEA) in London so I am very excited!…

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