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Feeling low


I’ve been feeling really really low lately. Like really low.
I think it started with us returning from Brazil, cause who wouldn’t be miserable coming back to a grey, cold and rainy London?
It then continues with a lot of negativity at work. Negativity and stress I thought I handled well but my mind clearly wanted to spend more time on. I had the BEST weekend with Mikaela but that felt like an escape. A fun one.
On top of all of this, I was called a terrorist. This is what happened:

I did try and laugh it off and I do think he was crazy, but it was still one of those things I never thought would happen to me.

There was a moment when G just held me on Friday and it was like my walls came down. Walls I didn’t realise had been up for a few weeks. I couldn’t explain why I was upset, I just was.
I’m still feeling a bit low but at least now I have acknowledged my feelings and I know it’s ok to feel this way from time to time.

Currently thinking about things I’m grateful for, what I should do today (watch Colossal and possibly bake) and what to have for breakfast. One thing at a time.

Here’s to a lovely, calm, positive Sunday!

(actually really wanted to get an arrow tattoo but G got me an arrow necklace and I chickened out..)


Random pictures from our last days in Mineiros


Back to Brazil!
During our last couple of days we didn’t do much except eat and spend time with family. Here’s a few random snaps!

Food. Always food. Above is the best meat I’ve ever had. Yum.

Pool vibes.

Some kind of super sweet sweetcorn dessert, delicious but oh so sweet.

Played around by the pool with G behind the camera

Tried sugarcane juice for the first time. It tastes like.. sugar.

This is where we walked to get those pictures in my previous post

Showed grandmother how to use snapchat..

Attempted to nap

Spent time with these two <3

Did some more posing by the pool

My fave shot, haha.

Had lots and lots of ice cream

And obviously more food, here at a buffet restaurant in Mineiros. Delicious.


Giant Robot – A new addition to Streetfeast


Streetfeast has opened yet another eating and drinking rooftopia, as they call it, in Canary Wharf! Me and Emelie decided to check it out on thursday and invited a couple of friends to share the experience with us (none ended up in pictures, we were too busy eating)

I love the walk around West India Quay.

Giant Robot looks like this from the outside:

Pretty crazy, right?
When we arrived we went straight to the bar.

And then checked out the various food spots – there wasn’t many I must say!

Since we’re all foodies we tried it all. First up was Yum Bun.
My fave was the bun with pork and hoi sin sauce.

Next up was Bob’s. We got a salmon and tuna thing which was interesting. Think I need to give their lobster roll a go!

Moving on to Thunderbird and chicken. This was a bit of a disappointment at first as they were out of absolutely everything except bbq wings and normal fries. On top of that, we got the wrong order. Not a good start Thunderbird.
When we did get the correct order we got an extra box of wings which was highly appreciated! Very sticky, very yummy.

And lastly as dessert Maria ordered the Cinnamon bun filled with ice cream, caramel and apple sauce. Delicious!

My overall impression? A good space to hang out and grab a snack and drink, but don’t expect too much of the food. There are only about 5 food stalls in total (we were all expecting more) so it’s kind of limited. Plenty of seats, free cloakroom and a dj playing some really good tunes.

Giant Robot
Upper Level -1
Crossrail Place
Canary Wharf
E14 5AR London


What I’ve done in the last couple of days


Sorry for the blog-silence but I’ve simply been busy with all of this:

I made a delicious falafel salad with wraps.

I washed my converses for the first time (long overdue). I popped the laces in a laundry bag and shoes in the washing machine at 30 degrees and low spin. Worked like a charm!

Iron Zuu on Wednesday was an absolute killer. I felt so sick afterwards, haha.

But my nausea was treated with Love Fresh Vietnamese and Mikaela <3

On thursday I had to pop over to our west london office and the garden nearby looked like this

And at lunch I met up with the lovely photographer Mikaela and took some really cool shots here

After work I walked to the newly opened Barrecore studio in Moorgate. I’d been signed up to try their Signature class!

I’ve tried Barre before but this was something else. It was more like a super intense Pilates class with a few barre moves – and boy was it hard?! My muscles were aching during AND after the class.

In the evening I went to Faded at Camden Lockside with my bf, nam and the creepers gang to have a little dance.

And on Friday morning I woke up with a text from mom saying “happy easter” and look at her view?!

I made some more wraps. This time I added cottage cheese and it was actually quite nice!

I walked by these flowers and had to take a pic. Beautiful.

Tonight we are flying to Brazil and I couldn’t be more excited! I will schedule a couple of posts as I don’t think I’ll blog much from there during the first week, but be patient! I will have so so much to share 🙂


My weekend in pictures: Food, drinks and lots of talking


It feels like my weekend started Thursday evening. My flatmate’s parents came to visit and she arranged all of this:Delicious! It was so lovely meeting her parents and I see where she gets her personality from 😉
Friday was just another day at work (and the terror attack…) which finished at Smiths across the road.On Saturday I went to Aje Beauty and had a LVL lash lift! More on that in another post.
Walked past these beauties and could not not take a picture.After my appointment I sat on my terrace for an hour in the sun which was super lovely and warm!
Before showering I decided to do two face masks cause why not? Pure clay detox mask and pure clay glow mask.My skin was all kinds of glowy after! Promise!
I made a quick snack. Avo, mackerel and egg fried rice (a random mix with quinoa). Not the tastiest of lunches but hey, I’m counting down to Brazil.In the evening I met Mai who popped over from Dubai for the week. We had drinks at the Diner in Dalston, then walked over to Dalston Junction House where it was “faded“. We only stayed till about 1.30 as the crowd was just a little too aggressive, haha.
On Sunday I woke up pretty early and it was nice not being hungover. I made a big breakfast and sat on the terrace for an hour.. again.In the afternoon I met this BABE and we stopped by Tinie Tempah’s YOUTH pop up in Shoreditch. My friend Kelly, who planned the entire thing (so cool) talked us through it all as both me and Mikaela were pretty clueless. Each room represented Tinie. There was a barber shop, bedroom, a space where you could listen to all his latest songs and some of his fave brands. More pop up’s please!
We then walked to Hoxton Grill and had a lovely dinner. Emelie joined us later on as well.
We spoke about what happened in Stockholm and it felt good talking to someone who’s Swedish. No offence to my friends over here (especially since London went through the same thing just a few weeks ago) but what happened on Friday, in “my” country, I truly felt it. It took me back to the terror attack in Oslo and I couldn’t stop thinking about both events all weekend, and seeing images made me tear up.
But.. I was so incredibly impressed by Stockholm and Sweden. The love everyone showed was just insane. I’ve read posts about shops feeding those who couldn’t get home, people who opened up their homes to strangers, someone who placed his own bank card in a bookshop for parents to buy a book for their kids, free car rides etc etc. Incredible how much love we show when something tragic happens.

I’ll end this with these three pictures <3

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