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Random pictures from our last days in Mineiros


Back to Brazil!
During our last couple of days we didn’t do much except eat and spend time with family. Here’s a few random snaps!

Food. Always food. Above is the best meat I’ve ever had. Yum.

Pool vibes.

Some kind of super sweet sweetcorn dessert, delicious but oh so sweet.

Played around by the pool with G behind the camera

Tried sugarcane juice for the first time. It tastes like.. sugar.

This is where we walked to get those pictures in my previous post

Showed grandmother how to use snapchat..

Attempted to nap

Spent time with these two <3

Did some more posing by the pool

My fave shot, haha.

Had lots and lots of ice cream

And obviously more food, here at a buffet restaurant in Mineiros. Delicious.


Travelling to Goiânia and dinner with family


After one day in Sao Paulo we took a domestic flight to Goiânia, where some of G’s cousins live.

Leather jacket from All Saints, calvin tee, leggings from Fabletics, vans and Herschel backpack.
All ready to go with my Antler suitcase! The best suitcase of all time.

Quick snack at the airport. Pao de queijo (cheese bread) was our go to snack during our entire trip..

He obviously fell asleep as soon as we took off.
And an hour later we landed!

His cousins live in a super lovely apartment on the 26th floor with this view:

After we settled in we went out for dinner with the entire group of cousins and friends.
Me and G decided to order our first Caipirinha, which is Brazil’s national cocktail.

We then ordered garlic prawns (I was starving but I just couldn’t have a big meal) and oh my days, these prawns were something else! Super delicious.

The boys shared two of these.. beef absolutely covered in tomato sauce and a thick layer of cheese. I was speechless when that came in, haha. Looks healthy, no?

I had asked for a small side salad as well as it was something I was craving.. and this arrived?!

A massive bowl of veggies!

Family and friends!

We left feeling very satisfied, to say the least.

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