How to fix a broken powder highlighter!


I’m usually one of those who throws away makeup if it’s broken but NOT TODAY! My dear Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm broke the other day, no idea how, and I was devastated. It’s my absolute fave highlighter ever (I’ve only owned two tbh) and I just couldn’t bare the thought of spending another £20 when there was so much left.

Here’s what I did to save it!

You’re going to need:

Broken stuff
A toothpick, spoon, whatever
Makeup wipes

Start by breaking it even more (trust me on this)

A little bit more!

Until it looks like a powder..

Squeeze 4 drops of eyedrops on to the powder and place the face wipe on top. With clean (!) fingers, press down onto the powder until you have an even surface.

Like so!

And voila!
I promise I’ll keep you updated if this actually lasts or not.. but so far so good! I’ve swatched it on my arm (to the left of the pic) and it’s exactly the same as before.
Let me know if you decide to test this out and what the outcome is!

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  • Reply Nicole Nielsen 09/04/2017 at 4:59 pm

    OMG this looks so clever, where did you learn it?! I don’t have a broken one right now but almost wanna break one just to see if it works haha! Can’t wait to read one of your review posts in the future on how well it worked…

    • Reply Noelle R 10/04/2017 at 7:11 pm

      Haha thanks! I’ve seen so many similar posts online and they all have the same “fix”! It’s still ok but more powdery than before, so my makeup brush picks up more product.. Better than broken though 😉

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