Wednesday list | All good things comes in 3?


It’s wednesday and that means.. WEDNESDAY LIST!

3 things I look forward to
My trip to Sweden end of this month, Lucia concert in the Swedish church in December and Christmas
screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-14-26-02 screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-14-26-20 screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-14-26-29
Lucia pics from previous years when I was actually in the choir 🙂

3 things I like
Nutella, Mikaela (cause she’s my biggest blog reader) and my winter duvet

3 things I don’t like
Waking up early, pull ups and beer

3 things I want to do
Skydive, swim in the blue lagoon (iceland) and see Katie in LA
3 things I should do
Take my drivers license, go to the gym more often and do laundry

3 things I can do
Bake a mean apple crumble, one handed cartwheel and french braidimg_1643.jpg3 things I can’t do
Act, knit and play football. I just get scared of getting hit by the ball

3 things I often talk about
Food (haha), travel plans and emotions img_0598.jpg3 things I wish
I genuinely wish that the world was a better place (especially after certain political events), that people treat each other with love and kindness and a gopro camera

3 things that calms me down
Cuddles, good food and talking

3 things I’m doing this week
Tonight I am going to a skincare event at Eudelo, on saturday I am going out with my girls and sunday I am being interviewed by Londonsvenskar

3 things I’m doing next month
Celebrating my birthday at The Hangout’s christmas event, birthday dinner with Mikaela and Stoosh (our birthdays are days apart!) and host a winter soiree for work!img_1507.jpg

3 things I’m doing next year
I am going on a longer holiday to Brazil, celebrate my sister’s graduation in Sweden and.. That’s pretty much all I have planned for now?!

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