Tate Modern, snacks and pizza


Tate modern finally opened up their new addition in June and wowzers, it is stunning. Me and G decided to go on Monday (instead of carnival, haha) and I think we spent more time looking and admiring the architecture more than the actual exhibitions inside. I’d highly recommend going if you’re into art/architecture and if not, just go to see the beautiful views of london!Quick break – fellas, always bring snacks, your lady will appreciate it very muchHUMAN HAIRDID I SAY HUMAN HAIR?Everything in this room.. human hair.We finished off our lovely day with these delicious cripsy pizzas at The Gowlett in Peckham. Service was absolutely terrible but the pizzas made up for it. I’d probably go again if I was ever in the area but y’all know me, I want the whoooole experience to be good.

Sandals and top from Missguided

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