Right now kind of list


Pic by Mikaela Svarfvar

I am currently: picking out more frames on IKEA’s website
I am going to: make myself something to eat soon
I can: watch a lot of episodes of Scorpion in a row (Netflix)
I buy: probably too much of everything

I should: book a flight out of here instead of complaining about the weather
I have to: book driving lessons, just a bit scared and nervous
I know: a lot of things
I think: that this summer has been pretty boring. It started out great with Brazil and trips to Sweden but since mid June it’s been really boring. I blame the weather. I think that I think everything’s boring unless I travel haha

I use: a lot of shampoo
I listen: to a lot of music and Swedish podcasts
I dream: of the future
I long for: a proper date night, a beach, a fun night out with the girls, my mom’s food and a proper haircut

I enjoy:
food, obviously
I get: frustrated when people are condescending
I eat: avocados, ice cream and pasta

I drink: currently a glass of white wine
I usually: misplace things in my room

I watch: most happy things on Netflix
I read: The Secret.. Have only just opened the book so I can’t say much about it yet
I want: to attend another cooking class! Maybe one where we’ll make pasta.. mmmh.

Modified list from Sandra

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