It’s the little things


For lunch I decided to cross the road and buy a sandwich at Pret. Now, some of you may or may not know, but staff members are allowed to give out free teas and coffees. It’s been written about here and I personally think it’s nice. But then again, I’ve been given a free tea about 3 times during my time in London.  Anyway! It made my day. I’ve had two stressful days with my manager absent and so this was a nice gesture.
On another note; In times like these where there are wars going on, terror attacks and everyday struggles – do something nice for someone else, please.
It can be as little as saying Good Morning to someone taking the same lift as you, buying a friend a tea or donating money to a charity. Just make someone elses day a little better. In return you will simply feel great.
Stay positive, care for your friends and family, love and appreciate every day.

Tomorrow I have organised a last minute event for the office and I’m seeing Alessia Cara perform in the evening. Should be a busy but good day 🙂


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