My current skincare routine and how I got rid of acne thanks to Caroline Hirons


Good evening everyone!

I thought I would write a little bit about my skin and my current skincare routine. In 2014 I stopped taking the pill and after about 6 months a little disease called acne knocked on the door. For someone who’d always had pretty great skin this was a shock and I genuinely struggled with it. I was super insecure and conscious about my skin and would rarely go outside my house without makeup. Like most humans I booked an appointment with my local GP (doctor) and they put me on a antibiotics course and told me to not use any products with oil. I obviously did what she said and the bigger cysts on my face went away, but the spots were still there and I got super frustrated.
I turned to my best friend Google and went absolutely nuts. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who had stopped taking the pill and gotten acne – there were loads of women who had gone through the same thing!
After hours of researching I came across Caroline Hirons blog and I spent days reading through all her articles about skincare realising I’d done so. many. things. wrong. Caroline has the most amazing cheat sheets and the ones about acne and cleansing truly changed everything.
I immediately stopped taking the antibiotics, bought myself an oil cleanser, normal cleanser, flannels, more oils and toner. It took a little while for my skin to get used to my new routine but my acne went away. I still get spots here and there if I eat too much sugar or drink too much but hey, I’m acne free!

My current morning routine
Cleanse: Pixi glow mud cleanser
Toner: Pixi glow tonic every other day
Moisturiser: No7 beautiful skin day cream for normal/oily skin

My current evening routine
First cleanse: The Body Shop cleansing oil
Second cleanse: Pixi glow mud cleanser or Vichy purete cleansing gel
Toner: Pixi glow tonic
Treatment: aesop control gel (on spots), hydraluron gel, Kielh’s midnight recovery concentrate
Night oil/cream: Nourishing sleep mask

Every now and again I use:
Pixi glow peel pads or nip+fab glycolic fix pads

DSC02002DSC02006 copy DSC02008 copy DSC02011dsc07326-copydsc07329-copydsc07330-copydsc07332-copydsc07334-copyAs the weather is getting colder I am using my facial oils more often and step away from creams that will mattify too much.
If you have any recommendations or other skincare blogs you like, please comment!

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  • Reply Tuzz 01/11/2016 at 6:59 pm

    Älskar sånt häääär, haha <3

    Men rekommenderar du keihls midnight recovery-tjosan? Har tittat på den men den är ju lite pricy…

    • Reply admin 01/11/2016 at 9:54 pm

      Haha! Älskar att läsa andras historier så lite kul att skriva min egna 🙂

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