It’s the weekend!



 Tights from Alexander Wang x H&M, Nike trainersI’ve just finished a horrific grid strong class at Virgin Walbrook (the best gym in the city by the way) and I am now on my way home to eat and get ready.

Can’t believe I am writing this but I’ve got a hair appointment later today! Wahhhhhh. Even my best friend Eva freaked out when I mentioned my weekend plans. Those who know me well knows the reason I’ve got long hair is because I simply don’t cut it. I don’t trust people with scissors. The only hairdressers I’ve been completely happy with have all been in Sweden, and even though I travel home frequently I can’t keep on doing this haha.

I’ve heard about Nadia Jönning for a while. She’s the one everyone seems to recommend in the londonswedes Facebook groups. Fingers crossed for me and my hair. I promise to post before and after pictures later!


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