Fentimans summer jungle takeover at Lights of Soho


A lot of people seem to think I get invited to events all the time when in reality I just happen to know people who gets invites to events.. And I tag along. It’s that simple.
On Wednesday me and a few friends went to Fentimans takeover at Lights of Soho, a members club in Soho that right now has a pop up bar on the ground floor. Fentimans offers an immersive cocktail experience within a neon lit summer jungle, with a nod to the british empire.
My favourite cocktail was Refresh (bulldog gin, apple juice, lime, cucumber, fentimans elderflower gin and tonic cocktails) ahhhh so good. It all looked like this:DSC05707 copyDSC05712 copyDSC05709 copyDSC05710 copyDSC05714 copy DSC05747 copyDSC05715 copy DSC05720 copy DSC05723 copy DSC05728 copy DSC05729 copy DSC05737 copy  DSC05753 copyThank you Fentimans and Lights of Soho!

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