Those type of days


Sorry, I’m on menstrual leave” is what I seriously wish I could say and do. After spending the last two days in absolutely agony, stomach and back pain, emotionally unstable, sweaty and feeling overly tired I am slowly starting to feel better. After work today I managed to get hold of the weekly Stylist, a free magazine aimed at women. Lucy Mangan writes some seriously great columns but this week hit the spot, literally, as I sat on the DLR and felt sorry for myself.
Why is it that you can take ‘menstrual leave’ in China but not any-freaking-where in Europe? As Lucy writes, what a mark of civilisation it would be! Imagine being able to call your boss and simply say “m-leave today, soz, can’t come in, see you tomorrow”. Oh that’s the dream.
Anyway. I am going to eat my dinner (this was the only thing I craved..), watch a bit of Chuck on Netflix and go to bed early.
 Classic feeling-sorry-for-myself-photobooth-picture


Who am I kidding.. I’ve got a jar of nutella next to me as well <3

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