Vietnam / day 1 in Mui Ne


So sorry for the absence of vietnam posts.. but here we go!
Our first day in Mui Ne was spent by the pool. As you may know, south east asian people prefer not to tan so I was pretty much the only adult in the pool – fine by me! During the afternoon we all relaxed at home and got ready for dinner. That’s when I started taking pictures haha

Beautiful sunrise from our balcony

We walked to a neighbouring seafood restaurant where mostly locals and vietnamese people eat. I didn’t see a single tourist

Everything was pre-ordered by my mum’s cousin who arranged and organised the entire trip

I honestly don’t know the names of each dish, but it was yummy! Especially the grilled oyster with cheese at the bottom right 🙂


Finished off with soup
  After dinner we walked further along to Deja Vu. As you can see from the signage it is aimed at russian tourists. When we arrived they had just started one of their special evenings which involves entertainment, a big taster menu and a bit of history about vietnam and its culture. They spoke in both english and russian.

Traditional drums. These guys are all coming from the local kung fu school

The famous tet (new years) unicorn made an appearance. This tradition dates back to 600 AD and it is said that wherever a unicorn appears, people will have peace, happiness and prosperity.

Because I’m a massive foodie I couldn’t sit there without ordering something sweet.. Fried ice cream with mango, dragon fruit and strawberry sauce. Yuuuum.


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