The perfect snack – Organic coconut chips


I’ve been trying to find some healthier snack options for work and at home, to replace the copious amount of chocolate and cookies I eat at the office.. It’s not easy, I’ll tell you that. Anyway. I absolutely love coconut. I drink the juice, cook with the oil and even use it on my body (I make my own body oil), so why not introduce it as a snack as well?
I ordered this from Amazon and didn’t think one bit about the size of this bag, haha! It was delivered today and oh boy. It is truly MASSIVE. I better use it in every meal possible.  Organic coconut chips, 1kg. The 1kg part should have been enough information about the size!!After a long day at work training my lovely new colleague I decided to make a quick snack. Greek yoghurt, granola, bananas, coconut chips and honey. Super filling and healthy.

Any recommendations on healthy snacks are very welcome!


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  • Reply Maria 17/03/2016 at 1:55 pm

    Put some spices on it and right in the owen.. TADDAHHH!!! chips!!

    • Reply admin 20/03/2016 at 7:12 pm

      Aaahhh I just bought some purple kale today! Need to try it out xx

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