My Friday and Saturday in pictures


Good afternoon everyone!
Hope you’ve had a good weekend so far. I have-ish. I’m still struggling with a cold which means saying no to events and meeting up with friends πŸ™
As mentioned earlier I decided to go in to work on Friday cause I knew I had a lot to do.. I had a meeting where we were given cookies and candy, instant mood-lifter! Thank you Michelle!After work I went home, changed into PJ’s and later on was joined by G and we just relaxed and watched a movie.
In the morning I made one of my fave breakfasts: scrambled eggs, avocado and salmon. nom nomAfter breakfast we took a walk to my local Asda and did some food shopping (always nice with help carrying!) and in the afternoon G dragged me to the gym and the walk there was so pretty I obviously had to document it!PURE gym in Canary Wharf (west india quay)We worked on abs and legs and I am currently in so much pain and know I will feel it even more tomorrow.Earlier in the day G marinated lots of chicken and we cooked it as soon as we got back from the gym. I also boiled some veggies and had it all with root vegetable mash and some gravy.
I had two birthday events I wanted to go to in the evening but I was just too tired and kept on having coughing fits that we decided to have an early one.
Hope you all had a lovely Saturday! Puss puss

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