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Vietnam / Con Dao Seatravel Resort


Con Dao Seatravel Resort is one of a handful of 3-star hotels on the island. Their website says:

Offers bungalow accommodations with views of the bay and free Wi-Fi. It features a private beach area and a restaurant. At the Condao Resort come with air conditioning, cable TV and a minibar. Guests can enjoy snorkeling activities during their stay at the Condao Seatravel. Bicycles are available for rental. Laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services are available.
Asian and European dishes are served at the resort’s restaurant.

My opinion is slightly different from the website..
Before booking this resort me and mum went through SO many reviews of the few hotels available and everyone had similar stories. Good service, bad service, no wifi, wifi, bad food, good food. It was so difficult to choose! In the end we decided to book Seatravel Resort for no particular reason. Just liked the look of it to be honest.

The reception staff were friendly and spoke ok english – considering we were on a island which most tourists don’t know about, this was a good sign!
One of the staff members showed us to our bungalow and at first I thought the entire house was ours.. but it wasn’t, haha. Our room was nicely decorated, had AC which is a must, good shower and big windows. However.. there was no wifi at all. Our bungalow was the one furthest away from the main reception and the wifi wasn’t able to “reach” our room which was quite annoying. The big beautiful windows were very dirty but the rest of the room clean. Both of the beds were very hard, but so are most beds in Vietnam – they just prefer hard mattresses.
In terms of food.. That will have to be in another post 🙂

DSC02922DSC02918DSC02914DSC02561We had the left half of the bungalowDSC02553 DSC02554 My extra bed 🙂DSC02556Semi-outdoor bathroomDSC02555 I thought this was a beautiful featureDSC02912DSC02913DSC02559 The view from the terrace wasn’t that bad!DSC02560 Slightly bigger bungalowsDSC02635Spent countless of hours here, reading and relaxing. Wished the chairs wasn’t chained (!) to the wooden umbrella though..

If you have any questions do let me know! More than happy to answer 🙂

Update: The bungalow prices vary depending on size. Rates on various websites from £34 per night.



Vietnam / Flying to Côn Đảo


On to my favourite part of my Vietnam holiday; Côn Đảo Islands.
Côn Đảo Islands are an archipelago in the south east of Vietnam and contains of about 16 islands and islets.

I’m genuinely not scared of flying but there’s just something about those smaller planes, haha.
Flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Côn Đảo takes just under an hour and flights are quite cheap. DSC02546 Cargo in front.. Well that’s new.DSC02548 DSC02549 Smallest airport I’ve ever been to.. DSC02552We got picked up by our hotel’s chauffeur and the drive to the hotel was about 30 minutes along the narrow and wingly roads.

Choosing hotel was quite difficult as there are literally a handful to choose from, and they all have mixed reviews. Also, it was a choice between extreme luxury Six Senses OR affordable, friendly Con Dao Seatravel, haha. We went for the latter 🙂DSC02924DSC02923
More pictures of the hotel in my next post!



Vietnam / Breakfast and beach vibes


Our last day in Mui Ne was spent by the pool and beach. So much for being productive! But first, best and most important meal of the day – Breakfast!I usually ate fruit for breakfast. The “western” breakfast was quite oily and fat for my liking and the asian breakfast.. I just wasn’t keen on.But look at this plate though!! I absolutely love fruit. Melon, dragon fruit, mini apples, pineapple and lychee.
My aunties plate with asian breakfast, haha!
Quick walk to the beach.Read if I stay, by Gayle Forman

Swimsuit from Porto Brazil

Next up; pictures from Con Dao 🙂



Vietnam / day 2 in Mui Ne


Day 2 in Mui Ne, Vietnam. The hotels restaurant is located in the main building in the middle of the complex. They serve a massive breakfast buffet with both western and asian foods. Because the weather was very warm I usually ate fruits and nibbled on pancakes or croissants.

Wearing a beautiful kaftan dress from Zara and sandals from DuneExotic fruits and pancakes
After breakfast me and the younger part of the family spent some time by the pool playing around

In the afternoon we took a cab to the red sand dunes. It was smaller than I had expected but still very stunning.

We hired these plastic boards and went down the sand dunes. The kids absolutely loved it (including me..)

After playing around in the sand we took a short break and had coconut juice, my faaaave.
Next stop; The Fairy Stream.
The Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) is a little river that winds through dunes and forests behind a small village. It is free to go, so don’t pay if anyone asks. It resembles, in a miniature way, of the Grand Canyon with its vivid colours. The stream is mostly ankle deep and the water is comfortably warm. Most importantly.. it is BEAUTIFUL. We went there quite late in the afternoon so unfortunately the pictures aren’t as bright, but you get the idea 🙂


If you ever find yourself in Mui Ne, promise you’ll visit this magical place.



Vietnam / day 1 in Mui Ne


So sorry for the absence of vietnam posts.. but here we go!
Our first day in Mui Ne was spent by the pool. As you may know, south east asian people prefer not to tan so I was pretty much the only adult in the pool – fine by me! During the afternoon we all relaxed at home and got ready for dinner. That’s when I started taking pictures haha

Beautiful sunrise from our balcony

We walked to a neighbouring seafood restaurant where mostly locals and vietnamese people eat. I didn’t see a single tourist

Everything was pre-ordered by my mum’s cousin who arranged and organised the entire trip

I honestly don’t know the names of each dish, but it was yummy! Especially the grilled oyster with cheese at the bottom right 🙂


Finished off with soup
  After dinner we walked further along to Deja Vu. As you can see from the signage it is aimed at russian tourists. When we arrived they had just started one of their special evenings which involves entertainment, a big taster menu and a bit of history about vietnam and its culture. They spoke in both english and russian.

Traditional drums. These guys are all coming from the local kung fu school

The famous tet (new years) unicorn made an appearance. This tradition dates back to 600 AD and it is said that wherever a unicorn appears, people will have peace, happiness and prosperity.

Because I’m a massive foodie I couldn’t sit there without ordering something sweet.. Fried ice cream with mango, dragon fruit and strawberry sauce. Yuuuum.


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