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Evan and Sofia part II


And it’s time for part II.
We drove back to the hotel, had a quick touch up in our room and decided to take a few more outfit pictures. Me and Anja were matching in green!dsc07176-copy dsc07177-copy dsc07173-copydsc07182-copy dsc07184-copySeating plandsc07187-copy The decor was minimal and I loved it!dsc07188-copy dsc07189-copy dsc07193-copyWe met everyone else in the lounge, had a sip of champagne and talked about how stunning the ceremony was and wondered if the americans sang along in Värmlandsvisan..dsc07194-copy dsc07195-copy dsc07197-copyAbsolutely stunning scandi-inspired canapésdsc07201-copy Sofia’s dad gave a lovely welcome toast and we took our seats at the second most awesome table (the top table won)dsc07219-copy dsc07220-copyLook at our beautiful starter?! I didn’t want to ruin it. But I did. And it was delicious.dsc07221-copyAnja was super ready to pose! G wasn’t.dsc07222-copySo here’s a weird Swedish tradition.. When the bride leaves the room, all unmarried ladies runs to the groom and kisses him on the cheek. This obviously happens when the groom leaves the room as well. You get what I mean. I genuinely don’t know what this little game means but man it was fun. dsc07223-copyI had the most amazing guests at my table – so amazing I didn’t really make an effort to mingle at the other tables (sorry!!)! dsc07224-copy Our amazing main course. yum.dsc07225-copydsc07226-copyAfter about 4 glasses of wine we started playing games, sang and thought of ways to get Sofia and Evan to kissdsc07227-copy Tom (to the left) REALLY wanted to be one of the groomsmen 🙂 dsc07229-copyFinally time for the cake!dsc07242-copyJust look at them.. <3dsc07248-copyThis one (Emily) made us all laugh so muchdsc07249-copy dsc07253-copy dsc07255-copy dsc07257-copyI think it was at this point the other side of the room screamed “ANDRA SIDAN ÄR NI KLARA??” (“other side are you ready??”) and we (well me at least) screamed back “JAJAMENSAN FATTAS BARA! (eh.. translates to “yes we are”). We usually scream/say this during sports games, not weddings haha!dsc07259-copy dsc07267-copy dsc07270-copy
After dinner and dessert we moved to the dancefloor and danced all night to beyonce, usher, and macarena. At about 1.30am they served varmkorv med bröd (hotdogs) which was incredibly welcomed by many!! Me and G stumbled to our room at about 3am and we heard the party didn’t stop till the early morning.

The entire wedding weekend was so incredible and I am so thankful I got to witness and enjoy it with them. I’ve never been so emotional at a wedding in my life and I cried se-ve-ral times during the beautiful speeches.

Evan and Sofia, I wish you a lifetime of love, laughter and a happily ever after!


Sigtunahöjden and wedding bells!


And it’s finally time for the wedding posts! I seriously rushed through my previous posts because I was too excited about these. After pretty much rolling back to the apartment to pick up my suitcase we took the train to Märsta and then a cab to Sigtunahöjden, a conference centre/hotel in the middle of the forest about an hour north of Stockholm. We checked in to our cozy room on La Rambla (each hallway had famous street names) and got ready to mingle.dsc07122-copy dsc07123-copyIn the lounge and bar family and friends of Evan and Sofia gathered to meet and greetdsc07124-copy dsc07125-copy I loved the modern interior of the lounge. So warm and comfortable yet cool.dsc07126-copy dsc07128-copy You could clearly see the scandinavian touch as welldsc07129-copy And the view wasn’t too bad either!dsc07130-copy dsc07131-copy dsc07132-copy dsc07134-copydsc07135-copyWe spent a couple of hours meeting new people, drinking wine and enjoying ourselves. I had an early night because I knew the next day would be a big one!


Friend filled thursday in Stockholm


Thursday was my only “free day” so I caught up with friends. I got ready in the apartment, decided to wear my new earrings from Asos (link) and pop my hair up in a bun.dsc07062-copy dsc07064-copy dsc07066-copy Look at Arilds wonderful view?!dsc07067-copy Usual scandi-uniform.. All black with extra layers.
I met up with Anja and we went to Vigårda, a restaurant in Mood shopping centre where Linnea was waiting.dsc07070-copydsc07073-copy Vigårda is basically a fancy burger restaurant!dsc07072-copy Yum!! dsc07075-copy Me and Linnea 🙂
After lunch we did some shopping in the area.dsc07078-copy dsc07079-copy dsc07080-copy dsc07081-copy dsc07082-copy The prettiest Urban Outfitters!dsc07083-copy dsc07084-copy I took the train back to the apartment to quickly change and touch up on my makeup and returned back to Stockholmdsc07086-copy We had dinner at Aqui restaurant, a spanish tapas place.dsc07089-copy Sangria, a mustdsc07090-copy dsc07091-copy And lots and lots of fooddsc07092-copy dsc07093-copy dsc07094-copy dsc07095-copy We ordered 3 dishes each but that was clearly too much, haha! The portions were massive and super delicious. Well worth a visit! After dinner we walked to Caliroots and they had an event with Tommy Hilfiger branddsc07097-copy dsc07099-copy Anja, me and Christian! Hadn’t seen him since 2010?! Crazy.dsc07101-copyWe didn’t stay that long as it was incredibly busy so ended up going to a bar nearby for a night cap. Such a lovely day!!


Sofia’s möhippa på Yasuragi Spa i Stockholm


Translation: Sofia’s bachelorette at Yasuragi Spa in Stockholm, yaaaay!
Background story: I met this lovely girl my first day of school (year 4, age 9). We started a music school in Karlstad, our hometown, and became really good friends. She then moved to Stockholm a year later but we managed to meet up quite regularly since then. It’s become slightly harder since I moved away from Sweden and she moved to the states, where she met her now husband Evan, but whenever we meet it’s like no time has passed. The best kind of friendship if you ask me.

I was absolutely thrilled when Yasuragi was brought up in the girls secret facebook chat group as I’ve heard so much about it – mostly from bloggers/instagrammers haha. The idea was to kidnap Sofia from her house (with a little help from her wonderful mom) and then take her to the spa where the rest would be waiting.

My day started bright and early. I had a long shower, finished packing and took the tube to Victoria station. I took the Gatwick express train as it only takes 30 min compared to over an hour on bus and had a little picnic with me containing porridge from pret (my fave).
At Gatwick I strolled around the shops and eventually sat down at Apostrophe and had a sandwich and fresh orange juiceI walked to my gate on time and the plane is nowhere to be seen… The flight was delayed and I landed 1,5 hour late. My mood dropped and I was so upset I had missed so much of the bachelorette already! Stockholm welcomed me with a beautiful sunset but I was still super stressed. By now the girls had kidnapped Sofia and taken her to the spa.
I took the Arlanda Express to Stockholm and then a cab to Yasuragi (cost about £50, 500 sek).
I arrived and there was no receptionist and I thought “well isn’t that just GREAT”. I rang the little desk bell for about 10 minutes before a man shows up – not even apologising – and I get my locker keys, kimono and swimsuit.
The girls had just finished swimming so I messaged one of them to say I’d wait in the restaurant. dsc07061-copydsc06988-copyThe bride! Finaste Sofia 🙂 My mood changed pretty immediately after seeing the girlsdsc06993-copy dsc07000-copy Newly engaged Anjadsc07001-copy dsc07006-copy We ordered four courses each for about 400 sek (£40)dsc07007-copy dsc07008-copy Beef with ricedsc07009-copy Beetroot with mushroomsdsc07011-copy Salmon sashimidsc07015-copy Fried chicken with an asian mayo-type dipdsc07018-copy
Everyone got Sofia gifts and she had to guess who it was from – super fun! Everyone shared so many stories causing laughter and tears. My gift didn’t arrive on time so I will post it to her.
dsc07019-copy dsc07020-copy Some gifts made her feel like this.. haha!dsc07033-copy I had a lovely apple crumble with sake mousse for dessert! Then it was finally time to swim again.dsc07036-copy dsc07038-copy dsc07039-copy Anja with her lovely little basketdsc07045-copy It was super dark outside so it was hard to take proper pictures.. But you can see the steam coming out from the pooldsc07053-copy We spent another hour in the pool chatting away..dsc07054-copy dsc07058-copy dsc07059 Tried to get a good group picture but my camera kept on steaming up, hahadsc07060-copyWe all showered here (you fill a bucket and pour it over yourself.. quite comforting if you ask me!) and shared a cab back to Stockholm.
In the evening I met up with my bestie Arild and talked for hours before having the best nights sleep.


This is what I call summer


On Saturday me and Gabriel woke up super early and spent the morning outside before breakfast.DSC05208 copy DSC05213 copyDSC05219 copyDSC05231 copyThe sun came out and it must’ve been at least 30 degrees in the sun! Super lovely. We all changed into swimwear and listened to music and swam in the ICE cold waterDSC05230 copyDSC05300 copy DSC05286 copy DSC05285 copy DSC05281 copy DSC05271 copy No stupid snapchat filter flower crown.. this is the real deal!DSC05258 copy DSC05244 copy Such an amazing view..DSC05321 copyDSC05330 copyDSC05237 copy DSC05233 copy In the late afternoon we left the wonderful island and came back to Stockholm. DSC05336 copyDSC05340 copyDSC05344 copyDSC05342 copyLook at my stunning tan lines, haha! I genuinely didn’t think of spf and well, I paid for it.

We had the most amazing time away and the family we visited were so friendly and loving. Can’t wait to see them all again!


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