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Pho Bo – one of my fave soups!


Growing up this was a standard meal at home. While my friends was being served meatballs and potatoes I got noodle soup. I remember being so frustrated and wanting the same boring meals as them, haha. Now my favourite thing about coming home is my mom’s food. dsc07682-copy dsc07683-copy She normally cooks the broth for HOURS – hence why I never make it.. only mothers have that kind of patience :’)dsc07684-copy rice noodles <3dsc07685-copy Stuff to put in the soup <3dsc07688-copy Me and mumziedsc07696-copy Aaaahhhhhdsc07700-copy Aaaaahhhh x 2dsc07704-copyOh my days I swear it’s the best thing ever. And no you can’t just go to any vietnamese restaurant and order Pho Bo, it needs to be that particular Pho that they cook in northern Vietnam (annoying I know). I have yet to find the perfect Pho in London but I promise I will let you know once I do!


Julmarknad på Alsters Herrgård


Translation: Christmas market at Alsters Manor
My family home is just outside the “centre” and we’ve got a lovely manor nearby which hosts a christmas market every year. Since the sun was shining we decided to take the short walk down and get in the christmas spirits! They’ve got stalls selling locally produced food, plants, local artists selling their handmade items and there’s obviously glögg (mulled wine) as well.dsc07645-copySecret route through the woodsdsc07649-copydsc07650-copy dsc07656-copy dsc07658-copydsc07659-copy The beautiful manor where there’s a cafédsc07660-copy dsc07661-copy Mom warming her hands!dsc07662-copydsc07663-copy dsc07664-copy If I had a larger suitcase I would’ve purchased a wooden serving board, so pretty!dsc07665-copyChristmas trollsdsc07666-copyPeople from all over town come to visit! dsc07667-copyEven Santa and his mrs was there!dsc07669-copyPretty candles 🙂dsc07670-copydsc07671-copyStudents from the Music School sang christmas songs. Fun fact: I used to be one of them! I went to the same music school for 6 years.dsc07674-copyKeeping warm with hot dogs and glögg (mulled wine) 🙂dsc07680-copyThe sun was already setting at 2.30pm and it was completely dark by 4.30pm. Crazy.
I absolutely love christmas markets and can’t wait to visit more here in London!


Girls night in


I’m the type of person who wants all my friends to know each other and I say “the more the merrier” all the time, but this is quite difficult as my friends all live in various countries. I got to know Charlotte and Anja separately but for the last few occasions I’ve been home we’ve met all three of us. Anja was kind enough to host at her wonderful pinterest-like apartment and we had mulled wine, red wine, cheese, biscuits, chocolate and ginger bread cookies.. mmmh. dsc07638-copy dsc07639-copy dsc07642-copy dsc07643-copy dsc07644-copyFor the last year or so I’ve thought “what if” so many times. What if I never moved away from Karlstad? What if I moved back home earlier in life? What if I never took that job or moved to that country?
I feel like life in London is so incredibly fast yet so frustratingly slow. I find it hard to accept how big London is and how difficult it is to progress with things like buying your own home or doing what you love (with that I mean: money or doing what you love..).
I know I can’t compare my life in London to my friends swedish life, but as long as I live in London I just have to add more “swedish” into it. I doubt it makes sense reading it, but in my mind it does. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on how to make your life more swedish? Let me figure it out first! 

I had such a great time catching up with these ladies and I’m so thankful for their friendship. Next time I see them we’ll hopefully have a triple date with our partners as well 🙂


Vietnamese fresh spring rolls for dinner


On friday eve me, sis and mom made dinner. These spring rolls are so easy to make and it’s so fresh and delicious!dsc07618-copy I helped mom make her special secret ultra yummy dip sauce dsc07619-copy dsc07621-copyLettuce, shrimp, cucumber, salmon, noodles etcdsc07624-copydsc07627-copy dsc07630-copy
Wet the rice paper to make it soft and fill it with whatever you want!dsc07636-copydsc07632-copyDip it in the ultra secret special yummy sauce (haha) and make another 4 (or 10). So delicious.


Nostalgic lunch and mum’s wonderful food


On our last day in Karlstad we started with breakfast as usual. The plate below was my first one.. I had waffles with Nutella after, nom nom. After breakfast we hung out in the room and went for a walk.
For lunch we went to Wayne’s coffee shop – a cafe I went to pleeeenty of times when I was young, and I always ate this particular pasta salad. Can’t believe they still have it there!!
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 14.13.48DSC05045copy Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 14.11.34DSC05047 copy DSC05049 copy  Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 14.20.21Karlstad 03 After lunch we bought some strawberries and headed to my parents house to hang out one last time before Stockholm. Me and mum headed straight to the kitchen and started making Pho, my absolute favourite vietnamese dishDSC05059 copyDSC05050 copy DSC05055 copy How massive are these spring onions? Both mum and dad are great at growing their own veggiesDSC05060copy Fresh herbs from the gardenDSC05061 copy Mum’s special fish sauce.. Scchhhhh.. Secret recipeDSC05063 copyMum is aware that G eats a lot.. HahaDSC05069 copyOur wonderful terrace and pond dad built with his own hands. Didn’t see the big deal when I was young but now I think it’s seriously cool and admirable. After dinner and fika we took the bus back to the city centre.
Whilst walking back to the hotel we took some pictures of the hotel and conference centre from the other side of the river, in the sunset. DSC05072 copy DSC05074 copy Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 15.04.04SerenityDSC05082 copyThe view from our hotel room just after midnight. Absolutely stunning


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