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Natural History Museum in Oxford


After breakfast we drove back to Oxford and decided to visit the Natural History Museum and my gosh what a stunning building! The inside was even better!bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford3 We walked around like kids looking at everything on displaybynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford4 bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford5 bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford6 bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford8Touched various animals.. bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford9 Afterwards we walked back to the car (my face says what kind of mood I was in) and drove back to London.. oxford-no-12-copyCar snack :):):)bynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford10Because I didn’t have all time in the world to get ready I decided to remove my old nail polish in the car by using these.. img_7528I bought these pads at Urban Outfitters and was pleasantly surprised over how good they were!
We arrived back in London in the early afternoon and I immediately warmed up some food and started getting ready for the evening!


The infinite mix and casual dinner at Busaba


On Thursday after work me and G went to 180 The Strand where the Vinyl factory are collaborating with Hayward gallery for a major 10 room video exhibition. Each room had a different theme and they were all pretty powerful!After the exhibition we popped by selfridges for a bit.. I wandered around whilst G did errandsPrettyyyyChristmas decor <3
After selfridges we crossed the road and had dinner at Busaba Eathai!We ordered pad thai as usual with squid on the sideWho knows what they put in it but it is absolutely delicious!


3 Shots Of Tequila Live at Blueberry Bar


So. After lots of cuddling and playing around I met up with Nicole and G at Blueberry bar in Shoreditch to see 3 Shots of Tequila Live. 3 Shots is originally a podcast (currently on 500.000+ listens) and the boys talk about everything from relationships, mental health and religion to personal crazy stories. Growing up in a small swedish town most of these crazy stories sounds like a movie to me.. It’s like I’ve lived in a bubble. Same with some of the relationship issues they bring up, I’ve never heard anything like it before! Either way it’s super entertaining and I found myself laughing out loud whilst travelling on the tube or walking the streets of London
dsc07570 dsc07574
Their talk show was hosted by KG Tha Comedian who was hilarious and then the boys came out and talked about cheating, checking your partner’s phone, trust issues and various dilemmas. They even had a special phone number so members of the audience could text in questions anonymously..
The next two shows are unfortunately already sold out but do listen to 3 shots of tequila here or on itunes!


Liquor Bar Brunch and Broadway!


After checking in to Sixty Hotel we had brunch at Schillers Liquor Bar nearby. I had a lovely salmon bagel and Katie had a classic avocado on toast. We were both very impressed by Lower East Side and its many options for food and shopping!dsc06554-copy dsc06555-copy dsc06556-copy dsc06557-copy dsc06558-copy dsc06560-copyAfter our brunch we walked all the way to Lower Manhattan – trust me it’s far! Our destination was TKTS – a shop where you can buy discounted last minute tickets to broadway musical and theatres.dsc06565-copy dsc06566-copyWe managed to find it and as a bye-present to me Katie got us tickets to see The Phantom of The Opera!!!! Arrghhh I was so excited! We eventually took a cab back to ours and got ready for the evening. dsc06589EEEKK!!Wine in sippy cups 🙂dsc06581The chandelier! If you’ve seen the movie or musical you know how important it is..I could obviously not take any pictures during the musical but oh my god what an incredible performance! I had goosebumps throughout the entire musical and absolutely loved it.
Afterwards we walked over to Times Square so I could see it during night time..dsc06583dsc06586We weren’t the only ones with that idea, haha!


An arty afternoon at the Met


So sorry for the lack of posts lately! For some reason I thought my body and mind would be strong enough to handle NYC – work – Ibiza – work with no break whatsoever and well, my body and mind crashed. I, with a little help from google, diagnosed myself and I was simply exhausted. I was tired, dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous and had pains everywhere. Now take that and add pms on top of that – great combo! I’m now feeling a lot better so let’s get back to NYC!
After our visit to Top of the Rock we met up with Lili and walked to Central Park, another must see.dsc06468 dsc06470 dsc06473 dsc06474 dsc06475 dsc06476 dsc06480 dsc06482The park was, not surprisingly, absolutely stunning and surrounded by tall buildings. We then walked to the Met which is literally next to the park.dsc06491 dsc06494 dsc06495Now don’t be fooled! My friend Daniel mentioned that the entrance fee is just a donation so you can actually pay whatever you want! We paid $10 for 3 people whereas their recommendation is $25 per person!dsc06496dsc06502dsc06504dsc06507dsc06510dsc06511dsc06513dsc06514We didn’t actually go through the entire museum as it would’ve probably taken a day and a half, but saw what we wanted to see 🙂dsc06519dsc06524Quick visit to the Guggenheim, such a beautiful building!dsc06532And like true new yorkers took the train back to Brooklyn.

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