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São Paulo

24 hours in São Paulo


We had one day in São Paulo before we had to take another flight to Goiânia so we decided to explore the area around where we stayed. The city has a mix of beautiful old buildings and already run down newer ones. Inside this beautiful building we found a Calvin Klein outlet and I couldn’t not buy myself some new underwear! Next to where we stayed was this super cool vintage shop called Gato Bravo. I tried on this beautiful…

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I’m back!


OH MY GOD, excuse the silence. I’m not going to apologize too much as 1. my blog is just a hobby I one day hope to become something more and 2. I just didn’t want to blog when we were surrounded by family, food and things to do. On another amazing note, I have so much to blog about now! We’ll start at the very beginning. We travelled to Sao Paulo from London Heathrow. I packed my usual long-haul travel…

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