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A touristy day in Rio


I know I kind of stopped posting about Brazil and to be completely honest, I ended up in some serious holiday blues after! There’s not much left to post so here we go: A touristy day in Rio! We started with a beautiful breakfast at our new hotel Santa Teresa.  They had a big menu and we decided to try various stuff because why not!? This is one of the many dishes.. We had completely missed checking the weather reports..…

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Pool side, tour of the favelas and a new hotel


And we’re back to yet another random day in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. I woke up super early to catch the sunrise and was not disappointed! This mornings plan was to spend some time by the pool and then go on a tour in the favela near us. I was still deciding whether to go or not as we had heard gunshots there the night before.. We had breakfast as soon as the kitchen opened. Granola with yoghurt, fresh…

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A sunny day in Rio


My morning started by the pool with a podcast. G doesn’t really tan (for obvious reasons) but let’s me enjoy some sun which I very much appreciate 🙂 The prettiest pool I then got ready and we decided to explore the beach side of Rio! Wearing the prettiest playsuit from Oh My Love The walk to the beach took less than 10 minutes! Woop! On the left side of Ipanema we walked/climbed up Pedra do Arpoador The most amazing view!…

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Casa Mosquito – A beautiful boutique hotel in Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro


Casa Mosquito. I don’t even know where to begin! When we arrived it was dark and me being the strong female I am let G and one of the guys who worked there carry our suitcases up all of the stairs below. About the hotel. Casa Mosquito is a boutique hotel in Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro. It is a refurbished 1940’s home that the french owners, Benjamin and Louis opened in 2012. It has 9 rooms (suites..), a beautiful lounge…

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A meaty dinner at Fogo de Chão


We arrived in Rio on a Monday afternoon and went straight to our hotel (which I will show you soon, promise). It got dark pretty quickly and as we were still new to the city and area we didn’t want to walk around just yet. A friend of mine had recommended the restaurant Fogo de Chão a while back and so we decided to go there for dinner. We got ready in our amazing suite and I dressed up for the…

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