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A meaty dinner at Fogo de Chão


We arrived in Rio on a Monday afternoon and went straight to our hotel (which I will show you soon, promise). It got dark pretty quickly and as we were still new to the city and area we didn’t want to walk around just yet. A friend of mine had recommended the restaurant Fogo de Chão a while back and so we decided to go there for dinner.
We got ready in our amazing suite and I dressed up for the occasion, heels and all.

(wearing all missguided, heels from New Look)
Sneak peek of our suite.. *eyes emoji*

The restaurant was HUGE

We got a seat without reservation (low tourist season and also a Monday) and were given pao de queijo (cheese bread) and polenta fries

On to the buffet.. omg

This was not even half of it.. insane

My first plate..

I never know what to eat so I take a little bit of everything. Lots of veggies, potatoes, feijoada (bean stew) and more veggies

Lot’s of meat. The waiters comes around with lots of various cuts of meat on a sword (no joke). The green thing you see under the plate means it’s a “go” for meat. The other side is red and means “no more”. The cow shaped paper has all the various cuts shown with description – quite handy!

We had two plates of food each and even though we were super full I had to try the classic pudim (pudding). Super yum. Can’t remember what G had but it wasn’t as good in my opinion 😉

Don’t know how I was standing after all that food

Pretty terrace

Beautiful view.

Review? We really liked the restaurant. After spending another 6 days in Rio we learnt that it was pretty overpriced but you definitely pay for the experience. The service was amazing, pretty interior, amazing food – Those are things I’ll happily pay more for every now and again!




Parts of his wonderful family. 

I’m from a pretty “cold” country where physical affection is, in my opinion, limited.. even from family members. To then visit a family like his, where I was flooded with kisses and hugs as soon as we met, was wonderful but new.
Every single time someone entered the house or left, they’d kiss and hug, and you could see that it wasn’t by force. It was the most natural thing in the world and it made me so incredibly happy every time I witnessed it.

Leaving Mineiros and these beautiful humans was pretty upsetting. They had showered us with love and food (haha) for almost a week straight and we truly had the best time. They inspired me so much as a family.
When we drove away, after lots of kisses and hugs, I felt so overwhelmed that I cried. G held me and I just cried. Ah, it was that same strange feeling after leaving Katie and Ariel.. think it’s called love or something, I don’t know 🙂

I can’t wait to go back to his tiny little hometown and see everyone again.

Next: Rio de Janeiro!


Random pictures from our last days in Mineiros


Back to Brazil!
During our last couple of days we didn’t do much except eat and spend time with family. Here’s a few random snaps!

Food. Always food. Above is the best meat I’ve ever had. Yum.

Pool vibes.

Some kind of super sweet sweetcorn dessert, delicious but oh so sweet.

Played around by the pool with G behind the camera

Tried sugarcane juice for the first time. It tastes like.. sugar.

This is where we walked to get those pictures in my previous post

Showed grandmother how to use snapchat..

Attempted to nap

Spent time with these two <3

Did some more posing by the pool

My fave shot, haha.

Had lots and lots of ice cream

And obviously more food, here at a buffet restaurant in Mineiros. Delicious.


A half day in Mineiros


Our days in Mineiros would start with a breakfast around 7am. Why so early? Well it’s only a 4 hour time difference but it was quite nice going to bed early and wake up early (grannies).
After breakfast we’d spend time with family and chat before it was time for lunch.

I had made a list of various foods I wanted to try and today they had made one of those dishes! The yellow dish below is Moqueca de camarão. Prawn and coconut stew. It was as delicious as I had imagined it to be.

After lunch G’s cousin Demilson drove us to take some tourist pictures, a must.

We then picked up Ana and Luis and drove to this random exclusive gated area of Mineiros. These wild beautiful creatures walked around.

The area reminded me a little bit of Dubai. Quite new, big houses and a fake lake.

Ice cream break!

We then drove to a farm far far away to see this..

I thought, this is beautiful, and then Demilson reached out his arm and said “let’s go!”.. Boy was I nervous.


A relieved selfie, haha.

We got home around 8pm, had a “small” dinner and went to bed early. Such a good day.


House and ground tour


These Brazil posts will be published a bit sporadically as I am still finding my feet after our holiday. I’ve struggled getting back into a good routine and it annoys me massively, but hey ho.

Here’s a little tour of G’s grandparents house which I absolutely fell in love with.

Wild parrots. Can’t believe how excited I was to see wild parrots!

Many breakfasts served here 🙂

Avocado trees!!!

More cute birds. This one lived inside the tree.

Had to sneak in two pictures of me in my missguided kimono-playsuit

Lots and lots of palm trees, my fave


And lastly.. because we were silly enough not to use repellent for the first day my hand got bitten twice. So painful. Ugh.

But at least my nails looked nice!?

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