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Copenhagen | Sightseeing and lunch at Torvehallerne


Our day started with breakfast at home. We fried some eggs, toasted bread and I introduced Alana to danish chocolate on toast. Very delicious! After breakfast we got ready and took the bus into the city. Our first stop was Amalienborg, the home of the Danish royal family! We were not alone.. Afterwards we walked to Nyhavn which is probably the most photographed place in Copenhagen. Cutest tourist! We then, quite literally, stumbled across Torvehallere which is a indoor food market!…

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Copenhagen | Our airbnb, quick visit to my aunt and dinner at Kiin Kiin Bao Bao


Copenhagen! What a wonderful weekend we’ve had. Very very sad to be back, haha. We left work early on Thursday to go to Stansted Airport. Our flight was delayed and the wing we were in (where most Ryanair flights depart from) was the most disorganised and confusing thing ever. We landed in Copenhagen quite late and got to our airbnb in Hvidovre (just outside of Copenhagen) at midnight. We met our airbnb host and he showed us around our humble…

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Throwback to Copenhagen last year


When this is published me and Alana are in Copenhagen! We’re going for a long weekend and I am so excited. It’s my second time there (in an adult age..) and I can’t wait to explore this beautiful city. Last year me and G went for a weekend and this is what we got up to.. Food, culture, cycling, food, exploring and wandering. Stay tuned for more 🙂…

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A touristy day in Rio


I know I kind of stopped posting about Brazil and to be completely honest, I ended up in some serious holiday blues after! There’s not much left to post so here we go: A touristy day in Rio! We started with a beautiful breakfast at our new hotel Santa Teresa.  They had a big menu and we decided to try various stuff because why not!? This is one of the many dishes.. We had completely missed checking the weather reports..…

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Exploring Bergianska trädgården and Hagaparken


On Sunday we spent a few hours exploring two different parks in Stockholm – Bergianska Trädgården and Hagaparken. Let’s start with Bergianska Trädgården which is a massive garden with the most amazing plants and trees. Water features in the garden and it’s next to this.. They had small signs everywhere with the name of the plants/trees and trust me, there must’ve been hundreds if not thousands! Greenhouse filled with exotic plants (closed for the day) We then drove to Hagaparken…

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Midsummer in Stockholm


Another amazing weekend in Sweden – this time in Stockholm. Me and G flew on Thursday evening to Stockholm and went straight to my boy Arild and his lovely gf Segen. We caught up briefly before going to bed. The next morning I woke up like this.. No, I didn’t. But man, if I could wake up looking like that everyday? Win! Especially with a flower crown on top of my head. We drove to Nynäshamn and got picked up…

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My weekend in pictures – Karlstad edition


Oh what a wonderful long weekend I had! Me and G flew to Stockholm, spent a few hours walking around the beautiful city, had burgers at Vigårda and later took the train to my hometown, Karlstad. Vigårda has some delicious burgers! The train took about 3 hours (couple of episodes of House of Cards season 5) and we went straight to bed. The next morning we made a wonderful breakfast spread, nom nom We then got ready to meet my…

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Pool side, tour of the favelas and a new hotel


And we’re back to yet another random day in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. I woke up super early to catch the sunrise and was not disappointed! This mornings plan was to spend some time by the pool and then go on a tour in the favela near us. I was still deciding whether to go or not as we had heard gunshots there the night before.. We had breakfast as soon as the kitchen opened. Granola with yoghurt, fresh…

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A sunny day in Rio


My morning started by the pool with a podcast. G doesn’t really tan (for obvious reasons) but let’s me enjoy some sun which I very much appreciate 🙂 The prettiest pool I then got ready and we decided to explore the beach side of Rio! Wearing the prettiest playsuit from Oh My Love The walk to the beach took less than 10 minutes! Woop! On the left side of Ipanema we walked/climbed up Pedra do Arpoador The most amazing view!…

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