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Let’s play dress up | I need your help!


As previously mentioned I ordered lots of dresses from Asos and Missguided to try. This morning I forced my dear bf to act photographer whilst my slightly hungover self played dress up! It’s seriously silly how elegant and classy one can feel in a floor length dress, haha.
The first two are the ones that didn’t fit but I liked the look of them so much so decided to post them as well :’)

Silver dress with ruffles from Asos
This is a Non-Noelle dress. It has ruffles, is in non-black and simply quite different from anything I’d wear normally (not that I wear floor length dresses often..) but it caught my eyes. Sadly, it is too small over the bust. I tried on a size up as well but it’s just one of those dresses that are made for model-bodies, sigh!

Blaze dress from Jarlo London via Asos
This is hands down my favourite dress of all time?! It gives a Victoria Beckham vibe but is very affordable!
I recently discovered Jarlo London on Asos and I am absolutely obsessed with their dresses. The quality is amazing for their price point and this colour is simply stunning. This is a size 6 and fit fine over my stomach and hips but again, too small over the bust area – and it was sold out in size 8 🙁
I’m currently racking my brain to think of anyone getting married soon so I can order a dress from them!

V plunge dress from Missguided
This beauty has been on my mind for months. It is elegant, simple and black – all things I love. The V in the front is reinforced so is “set” in place and I really like the bare back. This is a size 6 and fits perfectly but I would have to take it up as it is super long!

Bardot plunge dress from Missguided
This beauty was actually a wrong delivery from Missguided. I had initially ordered another navy dress as my dear friend Hannah might wear this, but somehow they sent me this one and I just had to try it.
I feel like I’ve worn off the shoulder tops/dresses quite a lot recently but its still a very pretty model.
As you can see in the third picture I brought the sleeves up to create a different model and quite liked wearing it like that too.
I actually have this same dress in black velvet but forgot it at work – so that one is definitely an option!

Square high neck dress from Missguided
A minimalistic dress with lovely details in the front and back. It feels a little naked but I could always wear it with a scarf!
It is effortless and I would probably have my hair up in a simple bun (less work to do!).

OKAY SO I basically have to decide between these three dresses (imagine the navy one is in black velvet thanks!). Pretty please comment and help me decide cause I can’t!

Puss puss!


Black tie – what to wear?


Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your week is treating you well so far.

I’m organising an event for work and because I’m a sucker for gowns/maxi dresses I suggested (very strongly to the bosses) that we make it a black tie event. Black tie is a dress code for events that starts after 6pm and basically says “fancy evening party”. Men should wear tuxedos and women cocktail/gown dresses.
Now that the dress code has been confirmed (yay!) I am on the hunt for a nice and elegant maxi dress. I could wear a midi dress but I can wear that any day of the year and floor lenght is just a little fancier, don’t you think?

On to the dress I am looking for. It has to be floor length (not hard as I’m of the petite range), not too booby/leggy as it is a work event, elegant and minimal. Here’s a few options:

Pastel colours. So. Incredibly. Colourful. I like the off shoulder style and the one with thin straps!

 Again, lots of thin straps. I’ve actually ordered one of these to try.. can you guess which one?

And my fave collage, haha. Black <3
The wrap dress is a classic that I could wear plenty of times after. I love a good long sleeve dress and the back of that one is beautiful!

I have 6 dresses being delivered today to try.. I’ll try and take a pictures of me wearing them and you can help me decide, deal?!

Dresses from Jarlo, Asos, Ax paris, Selected, Stylestalker, Vlabel and Little Mistress
Adlinks in the collages 


Friend filled thursday in Stockholm


Thursday was my only “free day” so I caught up with friends. I got ready in the apartment, decided to wear my new earrings from Asos (link) and pop my hair up in a bun.dsc07062-copy dsc07064-copy dsc07066-copy Look at Arilds wonderful view?!dsc07067-copy Usual scandi-uniform.. All black with extra layers.
I met up with Anja and we went to Vigårda, a restaurant in Mood shopping centre where Linnea was waiting.dsc07070-copydsc07073-copy Vigårda is basically a fancy burger restaurant!dsc07072-copy Yum!! dsc07075-copy Me and Linnea 🙂
After lunch we did some shopping in the area.dsc07078-copy dsc07079-copy dsc07080-copy dsc07081-copy dsc07082-copy The prettiest Urban Outfitters!dsc07083-copy dsc07084-copy I took the train back to the apartment to quickly change and touch up on my makeup and returned back to Stockholmdsc07086-copy We had dinner at Aqui restaurant, a spanish tapas place.dsc07089-copy Sangria, a mustdsc07090-copy dsc07091-copy And lots and lots of fooddsc07092-copy dsc07093-copy dsc07094-copy dsc07095-copy We ordered 3 dishes each but that was clearly too much, haha! The portions were massive and super delicious. Well worth a visit! After dinner we walked to Caliroots and they had an event with Tommy Hilfiger branddsc07097-copy dsc07099-copy Anja, me and Christian! Hadn’t seen him since 2010?! Crazy.dsc07101-copyWe didn’t stay that long as it was incredibly busy so ended up going to a bar nearby for a night cap. Such a lovely day!!


Selah Vie jewelry


For some reason the only thing I’ve looked at on this trip is jewelry. I’ve never really been into it, not too sure why, but the brands out here are really speaking to me and here’s one of them: Selah Vie
Selah Vie is a minimal bohemian jewelry line based in New York and designed and handcrafted by Selah Michelle – who actually just returned to the shop with tacos as we were leaving, haha. For gold and silver filled jewelry her items are very affordable! DSC06175 copy DSC06176 copy DSC06177 copy DSC06179 copy DSC06180 copyDSC06181 copy DSC06182 copy DSC06185 copy And I of course couldn’t leave without buying myself a little something.. DSC06187 copyI might return to buy these in silver as well.. and a necklace.. Anyway! She’s got plenty of locations in NYC so if you’re ever here make sure to check her out 🙂


White stripes for work


I’m a big fan of Ebay and Depop for finding clothes/various items for cheaper than retail price, probably because I have worked in retail so knows how crap some brands quality is.. haha. I found this brand new (!) dress on Ebay from Zara and I absolutely love it. Especially because it cost me £5.19 including postage :’) Most of you know I wear all black pretty much 90% of my time but every once in a while like to be a daredevil and scare myself by buying something like the dress below. It’s navy (not sure if you can see that) with white stripes ALL OVER IT and it’s the perfect shape and style for work.Daredevil, I’m telling you.

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