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Body confidence in lingerie


About two months ago I was asked to model for L’atisse, an aspiring photographer who also happens to be a wonderful friend. She sent through some inspiration pictures from Pinterest and we brainstormed ideas. Flowers, lingerie and minimal became our keywords.

Now, I’ve never really modelled in my life. I did a shoot in Vietnam when I was 17 and used to hair model, but other than that it’s just been me and a friend taking pictures for the blog, instagram or just for fun.

L’atisse asked if I was ok with lingerie and I thought there are two ways I can look at this. One is saying no because I don’t have abs or a 6ft model body, I don’t feel super duper confident in lingerie and what’s the point. The other is to say yes and try something new! Plus, as she’s a friend I’d be comfortable stripping down. Also.. why the hell not?

We listened to music and talked whilst shooting, spread flowers around me and shot some more. The longer I was half naked in front of the camera and L’atisse, the more comfortable I became. I think it shows in the pictures too.

Here’s a few tips of my own on body confidence:

Fake it till you make it. Even Beyonce needs to channel Sasha Fierce sometimes, and I mean, she’s Queen B.
Pretend you’re super confident even if you’re not. You become what you think, right? You’ll be amazed what your mindset can do!

Spend time in your underwear, on your own.
Figure out what you feel comfortable, sexy and beautiful in. It can be high cut briefs, red lace or a bodysuit. Each to their own.
Put on some good music and just chill.

Work out!
I might not have an 8-pack or Kardashian curves, but going to the gym makes me feel so good about myself. I do classes and weight lifting and being surrounded by others wanting to improve their overall health and fitness is inspiring.

Invest in good lingerie.
I’ve recently tried to shift my underwear drawer from “stuff I kind of like” to “lingerie I love”. I have a couple of comfortable underwear to sleep in (read: boxers..), but the rest I do feel very good in.
I am also trying to buy better quality lingerie from stores like John Lewis instead of H&M and Primark. The difference is longevity of garment, comfortability and design.

John Lewis just added Elle Macphersons new lingerie collection, and I want all of it! Her new collection is a modern approach to lingerie, with strong silhouettes and unexpected colours. She has a few black sport-inspired pieces as well as beautiful lace pieces.

john lewis, elle macpherson
I really like this balconette bra. I find these types of bras the most comfortable as it gives great support. £40
elle macpherson, john lewis
This is an unexpected choice but I really like the combination of nude and red! £54
And to wear the above with this..

Bikini briefs in the same beautiful red colour. £30

What do you personally do to increase your confidence when it comes to your body? Or are you perhaps confident already and would like to share your tips? Comment below 🙂

This post is in collaboration with John Lewis


The perfect red lipstick


On Friday evening when I was hanging out with G and his colleagues, one of their friends came to join us. All of a sudden this lovely friend hands us all lipsticks?! I was slightly confused but very grateful! It’s not every day you get makeup for free 🙂
The lipstick I got is from Maybelline and is called Rich Ruby. It’s part of their Colour Sensational range and is a matte lipstick.
I rarely wear red on my lips due to the fact that I had to wear it as uniform when I worked for Emirates, and even though those days are long gone.. I’m still damaged, haha.
On Sunday I decided to try it out and G took a few shots of me on our terrace.Jumper from Manners Apparel

This is one layer of lipstick without lip pencil! The colour is VERY red on me and would probably come out different on someone else, but it is beautiful.
Here’s two other shots he took in Shoreditch. It was absolutely freezing this weekend so I bundled up!Coat from Canada Goose
Sneakers from Adidas

The lipstick lasted very well during our meal and I reapplied just after dinner, yay!

Do you wear lipstick on a daily basis? If so, what brands do you prefer? Puss!

by Noelle blog By Noelle Blog By Noelle @blogbynoelle blogbynoelle



“Got your camera” “Yes..?” “Let’s shoot”


On Saturday me and G walked by this playground and decided to have a little shoot and also test out my lens (50mm).
The weather was absolutely stunning and it truly felt like spring. Can’t believe we’re nearly in March!

(Look at my hair though?! It lasted wonderfully through Saturday!)
Him <3

Coat: Custom made in Vietnam
Jumper: His
Scarf: No idea
Jeans: Zara
Sunglasses: Asos
Sneakers: Adidas NMD

I rarely do these type of outfit posts but do you guys like it? If you do I will kindly ask (force) my dear bf to help me out more 🙂 Leave a comment and let me know. Puss! (Kiss in Swedish for those who forgot)


Felice Dahl Jewellery


When planning my black tie outfit I knew I wanted to wear some stunning jewellery with my black dress. I came across Felice Dahl on Instagram and she was kind enough to let me borrow these beauties!I ended up only wearing the ring as the bracelet was too big for my minimal wrists and the earrings too small, I was so gutted! I absolutely loved the ring though and got so many comments on it.
Felice designs it all herself and has it made in London. I am so impressed and can’t wait for what comes out next! 🙂

Check out her website here and Instagram here.


Office outfit inspo


Good morning all!
I am finally feeling a little bit better and I am going back to, what I think will be, a mountain of paper work and emails.
Because I’ve been dressed in PJ’s and robes for the last few days I thought I would put together some office outfit inspiration! God knows I need it myself.

I normally wear simple shirts and have for some reason only bought white and blue ones like these:

During winter I wear a long sleeved shirt with black trousers. Possibly navy, but mostly black.

And because my office can get pretty cold I’ll have a blazer nearby just in case! Again, most of these are black but I wouldn’t mind getting one in nude, navy or grey!

And to finish off.. I always wear heels. I’m so used to wearing heels and make sure they are at a comfortable height in order to wear them all day. Currently I’ve got classic black court heels and two pairs of strappy ones in brown and black with a chunkier heel. Again, I wouldn’t mind adding a little bit of colour here!

What do you wear to work? Do you have a uniform? Sometimes I kind of missing wearing a uniform as you always know what to wear, haha!
As soon as it gets a little bit warmer I’ll introduce my work dresses and skirts 🙂

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