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Sweat in the city with Adanola


Last September I went to a random house party in Williamsburg, NYC, and bumped into two guys from Manchester. We started talking and they explained they were in NYC to promote Adanola, their own brand. Since then I’ve followed “Sweat in the city” and Adanola and the boys are doing great things!
Yesterday morning I went to their first London event that was being held on a rooftop in Clerkenwell. I met up with the lovely Kara and we popped our bags down and enjoyed the sun.The event was hosted by Alice (Clean Eating Alice) and she had put together a really good 45 min workout.
It consisted of 3 different circuits for core, upper body and lower body and had it not been so damn windy we would’ve been sweating, haha.After the workout we popped over to the protein shake bar by She Supps. I had a super delicious vanilla shake and Kara had a strawberry shake which she said was just like a McDonalds one, haha!Cheers!I’m wearing fabletics leggins and sports top. Leather jacket from All SaintsMe, Hyrum, Alice and Josh!Adanola clothes! Really like the track suit and lounge wear they have, and obviously all the workout clothes too. Just look at these outfits:
adanola fitness wear
Love all of it!
After the event me and Kara went to the local pret and chatted about travel plans and life. It’s funny how you can meet someone for the very first time but still have so much to talk about!Thank you Adanola for a great event and to Kara for being an awesome workout partner!


Pilates with Superdry and Lottie


On Thursday evening I was invited to attend a Pilates class in Canary Wharf at the roof garden. The class was hosted by Superdry and the lovely Lottie!

Me and Hannah were quite early so we jogged around the garden to keep warm, haha. My fave place in Canary Wharf. So stunning.The class was great and we worked mostly on core and glutes. It’s so different from what I normally do at the gym (weights) and I soooo enjoy the variety! It was also very special being “outside” as the garden is partially open.After the class me and Hannah grabbed some food and I had an early night.

A massive thank you to Superdry and Lottie! 🙂


An evening of smoothies and pilates


I’ve just recently discovered Pilates and it is slowly growing on me. I’m usually doing weights and the odd intense fitness class at the gym but I’ve been wanting to incorporate something calmer and Pilates is just perfect.
On Wednesday I was invited to an evening of Pilates, nutrition and smoothie making at OXO tower hosted by John Lewis.We started off listening to Hayley from The Nutrition Coach and she explained the benefits of smoothies and juices. Did you know that the optimum time to drink your smoothie or juice is within two hours of making it? Alternatively fill up a bottle as much as possible, so little air is left, and store in the fridge and consume within 24 hours.

After the talk we popped in to the kitchen, teamed up and made our own smoothies!  I was teamed up with the super lovely Lottie (health, fitness and lifestyle blogger) and Monica (lifestyle blogger) 🙂We made a green smoothie with pineapple, manuka honey (lots of it!), coconut water, coconut oil, maca powder, spirulina powder, whey protein powder and spinach.Blogger life.. 😉  Lottie decided to add a banana in to the mix.. Haha! Look at that pretty green colour!Our green smoothies with berries on top!Yay!
Unfortuntaley we had to wait till after our pilates class to drink it…  We earlier learnt that in order to really benefit from a protein smoothie you have to work really hard – otherwise the extra protein will just stay in your body and be stored as fat.. and we don’t want that! So with that being said, Lottie worked us really hard with an amazing pilates class! Class picture!

Thank you so much John Lewis for inviting me to this wonderful event 🙂


My crazy friday eve


Let me tell you about my friday.. I had a good day at work, some bad/annoying news in the afternoon, persuaded to have a after work drink but managed to stay strong and go to the gym instead.What’s good about going to the gym on a friday is that it’s quiet haha. I had a good workout and did deadlifts, leg press and various abs workouts! 🙂 After my workout I went home, had pizza (the irony) and watched netflix.


3 leg and glutes exercises I like (arguable) doing


On friday after work I hit the gym before meeting some friends. I focused on lower body (which I normally do) and here are 3 exercises I tend to do most times I’m at the gym.
I almost always do back squats but have also started incorporating front squats as I don’t want my quads to grow any bigger, haha. I tend to do:
40kg 10 x 2 (warm up)
50kg 10 x 3
60kg 5 x 3
And if I want to do front squats I’ll do:
40kg 10 x 3Next up is leg press. I only recently started doing this because I frankly didn’t know how to use the bloody machine. I tend to do: 10 x 3 with 120-140kgOne of my favourite glute exercise is weighted donkey kick on the cable machine. 10 x 3 on each leg with 15kgAs I said earlier, I do these exercises most days at the gym and other workouts as well like lunges, dead lifts, abs and pull ups.. Would you like to see more of what I do at the gym? I’m absolutely no expert but quite enjoy working out and sharing what I do 🙂

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