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How to create an art wall and modernise your home


This post is in collaboration with Desenio The house I live in is a pretty spacious english standard house. It’s taken several flatmates to move in and out, lots of requests to the landlord to paint the walls white and decluttering of furniture to make it clean. Since one of my previous flatmates moved out me and my current flatmates have made an effort to make it home-ier, modern and prettier. Our living room has been quite boring for a while…

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Lost in the jungle


Last week I met up with the wonderful photographer Allison Stoddard and shot some absolutely amazing photos. She reached out on social media and we decided to shoot at the conservatory in Barbican. I wore my fave trousers from Zara and a bandeau top also from Zara. My sandals are old from Dune and earrings from Asos (sold out). My bag is my partner in crime from Matt & Nat. It was super humid inside the conservatory but I think…

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Goats’ cheese, caramelised onion and rocket quiche recipe!


Recipe time! It’s been a while.. On Sunday I made this delicious quiche based on a recipe from a Swedish food magazine. It is super easy to make, absolutely delicious, and if you’re one of those – vegetarian! Let’s go! Prep: 10 min Cook: Ages. Depends on your oven.. took almost an hour in my old school one Servings: 10 Ingredients Filo pastry. I bought mine ready from Asda, you’ll need a pack 5-6 shallots 60 gram of rocket 10…

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Dinner party


On Sunday me and Alana hosted a lovely dinner party at home. I haven’t had a dinner party at home for such a long time and since the weather was looking ok, we decided to go ahead with it! We went food shopping during the day and prepared in the early afternoon. We made a pretty random punch with berries, vodka, soda and pineapple juice – quite yummy if you ask me! We also had cheeseboards to munch on before…

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Garden party with arabic influences


On Thursday last week me and a couple of colleagues organised a lovely garden party for work with an arabian theme. We took help from Evolve Events and the outcome is here below! I worked from our west end office the entire day to make sure the staff helping us build everything had access to water and bathrooms, fun job hey? The weather was typical London (grey and sunny at the same time) and we kept our fingers crossed for…

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A touristy day in Rio


I know I kind of stopped posting about Brazil and to be completely honest, I ended up in some serious holiday blues after! There’s not much left to post so here we go: A touristy day in Rio! We started with a beautiful breakfast at our new hotel Santa Teresa.  They had a big menu and we decided to try various stuff because why not!? This is one of the many dishes.. We had completely missed checking the weather reports..…

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My weekend in pictures | Orlebar Brown bday, Hat party and lots of food..


I’ve had an absolute shit day but going through these made me SO much happier! Let’s start with Thursday. I met up with one of my favourite humans Pharao for some wonderful Japanese food. We shared a plate of sushi, a bowl of goodness, miso soup and plum wine. How good is plum wine btw? I’ve missed it so much After that we walked to Orlebar Brown who turned 10 years! Yay! It was super busy and we enjoyed many…

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Floral dresses in the city of London


Lately I’ve had this strange obsession with floral and colourful dresses. Me?! The one who absolutely loves an all black outfit including shoes/heels. The obsession probably started after Brazil where I didn’t see a single all black outfit.. maybe that sparked something inside me? I’ve also always been told off by friends and family for not wearing colour so I thought I’d give it a go! It’s not that I don’t think it suits me but.. it’s just SO easy to…

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Getting my hair done at Aer Blow Dry Bar in Chelsea


Before the Hangout event on Sunday I was invited to get my hair done at Aer Blow Dry Bar, and boy was I excited! Me and Alana walked in and were greeted by two lovely girls who we chatted to the entire time we were there. I was pretty stunned by the interior. Minimal, concrete, wood and minimal – love it!! Aer is mainly a blow dry bar but they also do braids, nails, lashes and eyebrows. Jaz soon arrived and…

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