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Noelle and Mikaela’s day of fun!


If you didn’t get the Friends reference we’re not friends.

As previous post stated, we had the best weekend! After checking in to our hotel room and eating marshmallows dipped in chocolate we got ready and decided to explore Canary Wharf. I live in the area but Mikaela is still a newbie so I took her to Crossrail Place to grab lunch.


Ramen soup at Ippudo, nom nom

Super delicious!
We then popped upstairs to one of my favourite spots in CW, the rooftop garden.

After wandering around we walked back to the hotel, changed and took the lift to lower ground floor where they have..

Such a beautiful pool! They also have a jet so you can swim against a stream.. super cool.

(bikini from Asos)

At 6pm we were invited to Bokan to enjoy a lovely 3 course dinner.

Very happy ladies!

After our meal we walked upstairs with our newfound friends Nik and Phellipe. You’ll see them in a picture soon.

We got bored so went outside for a little walk!

And sat down in a nearby park to take selfies.

And caught the sunset..

We rushed back to see the last bit of the sunset from the rooftop


We soon got hungry again so we finished our wine and went back outside!

This time to Sticks and Sushi in Crossrail Place

I liked this guys tshirt

The food was absolutely amazing!

After our meal we walked back, very full, and spent yet another hour or so on the rooftop chatting away!

The next morning we had the most delicious breakfast at Bokan and oh boy, we went nuts.
Cocoa puffs, sandwiches, eggs, bacon, potato, fruit and (not pictured) pancakes. YUM!

We still had some time before check out so we went back to the pool and sauna for a bit before doing a face mask in the room

This was hands down one of the best weekends of this year (that was in London..)!
We actually filmed a lot during the weekend as well and I can’t wait to share the video once I’ve managed to edit all the footage 🙂

Thanks again Novotel for a wonderful weekend!


A different view | Novotel Canary Wharf


My weekend was seriously amazing. Not only did I get to explore a brand new hotel and eat good food, but I got to share the experience with Mikaela, my bestie!
I was invited to stay at Novotel in Canary Wharf on Saturday and we checked in around 1pm. Here’s a little tour of the room!

(I had to split the posts in two as we were very snappy!)

The bedroom

Bathroom with little to none privacy (or so we thought).. turned out there was a button to “frost” the glass 😉

Insane view from the 27th floor

Gifts!! Some coffee, seeds, tea and spices 🙂 Thank you Louisa!

More treats!!

And last but not least.. the pool and sauna.

Such a beautiful hotel! Wished I could stay there all the time, haha.
If you’re looking for hotels in Canary Wharf – Novotel is the place to book, trust me!


My weekend in pictures


Good evening friends! Hope you’ve all had a productive and lovely monday.
Let’s see what I got up to this weekend 🙂
On friday after work I popped home to change and saw that I had a delivery from Soak and Sleep!by noelle, soak and sleep mattress topper My mattress topper had finally arrived, yay! I was too excited to just leave it there so removed my current topper and swapped it. Argh, this mattress is like a cloud!
After doing all of that I went to Belgravia for a very exciting meeting with a start up company that’s all about hair, hopefully I can reveal more soon!
Then I popped by Fernandez in Soho and had a glass of wine with Mikaela and Tom.Yuck. Haha.
Me and Mikaela wandered further in to Soho and found Limoncello, a quite random italian restaurant. We shared a starter and I had a creamy chicken dish whilst Mikaela had cheese and ham.Fina Mikaela!
After our dinner we walked over to the hospital club where two friends were DJ’ing and caught up with friends. Such a lovely friday.
On Saturday morning I woke up bright and early because I had to work.. On a Saturday! I know! We had an internal office move and I helped move boxes and coordinate the move. We spent a good couple of hours doing it and as a reward I ordered pizza from Dominos!
Afterwards I went home to shower as I felt super dusty and dirty and G came around for a cuddle. In the evening we walked over to my local indian restaurant and had dinner.Lamb startersMixed starter platterChicken korma, my fave!Peswari naan, yum.After dinner we walked home, watched an episode of Taboo and went to sleep.
On Sunday I woke up early again, had breakfast and went back to bed, haha. I seriously recommend this mattress guys – feels like a hotel bed!I later got ready and went to Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch and worked for a bit before Emelie joined me.We then moved into the restaurant and had a late brunchAvocado toast with poached eggs, yummmm.Pretty lady!We were then joined by Nicole and ordered cocktails! We obviously had to celebrate that we were finally meeting, haha!bynoelle at hoxton hotel shoreditch for brunchShe had pancakes.. looked delicious.The scandi crewAaand more cocktails.. oops! We ended up sitting there for 5 hours?! Chatting away about scandi life, international life, relationships and work. Couldn’t have had a better ending to my weekend!


Throwback Travels | Vienna, Austria


As 2017 will be a pretty calm year for myself in terms of travelling I decided to share some old travels with you, especially layovers during my time with Emirates in Dubai. I’ll also write about my experience working as crew as I know it interests a lot of people and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.. just remember this is back in 2013 so some things has obviously changed.
If I visited a place twice I’ll combine the two in one post, but most of them will be “quick tours” as I would call it. A quick tour of the world.
One of my first layovers was to Vienna in Austria. I met a lovely crew member on the flight and we hung out on the snowy streets. I believe we landed in the morning so we checked in to our fancy hotel (looks like it’s had a renovation since we stayed there) and went for fika (remember the swedish word? coffee/tea with cake) and walked around the town. Pretty room!God I look like a baby. Remember this is 2013 folks, haha. We popped back to the hotel for a bit and later met up for more fika.. 
The stunning St Stephens cathedral
I’m sure we had actual food at some point but doubt I took pictures of it 🙂
European flights were my favourites as it would usually be a 6-7 hour flight and friendly passengers. Also, the jetlag wouldn’t be too bad either!
I’d love to go back to Vienna again as my time there was very limited! Have you been? If so what did you think of it?



The Plough Inn.. the morning after


We woke up the next morning and the windows had frost on them! brrrrrr!bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-reviewbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review11We walked downstairs and passed this animal..bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review12To enjoy a beautiful breakfast here..bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review10bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review2 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review8bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review3 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review4 We got a plate with fresh croissants and there was juice, tea and coffeebynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review5 G ordered a full english breakfastbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review6And I smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.. super creamy and deliciousbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review7 I absolutely loved the breakfast. The menu was simple but very well cooked!bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review9 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review14 After breakfast we got ready to drive back to Oxfordbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review15Took a few farewell pictures of the stunning house. When we arrived the evening before it was pitch black so we couldn’t take any pics of the exterior 🙁bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review16bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review16 But LOOK AT IT!?bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review17 Imagine this space during summer? I’d love to go back again!oxford-no-3
I’d highly recommend staying at The Plough Inn if you’re looking for a place far from the hustle and bustle that is London or any other bigger city in the UK. The staff are friendly, food very well cooked and it felt like being in someones fancy house!
There seemed to be lovely trails as well if you’re into taking long walks. It was absolutely freezing when we were there soooo it just wasn’t on our agenda, haha.

The Plough
Kelmscott, Lechlade
Oxfordshire, GL7 3HG

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