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My weekend in pictures including newly opened Bokan at Novotel


Happy monday everyone!
Hope you’ve all had a great start to the week. My day was so so but I’m meeting Gabriel later to see Moonlight which I’m excited about 🙂

My weekend was yet another productive one! I woke up stupidly early on Saturday and met G at Pure Gym in Greenwich. I worked on hamstrings, back and abs. For two hours. Ugh.After gym I went home to shower and made myself a late breakfast. Avocado, salmon and eggs.During the day I did laundry, cleaned my room and waited for G to arrive with Emelie and her things! I’ve got a new flatmate, yaaaaayyy! Super excited to live with her! And to talk more Swedish! So many good things 🙂
To celebrate her arrival we ordered takeaway from Kin Kao (not the one in Shoreditch, there’s another Kin Kao near us!) and opened a bottle of fine South African wine.After dinner we poured some more of that wine and got ready!
We decided to visit our new neighbours at Novotel, the bar and restaurant Bokan.
Bokan is on the 37-39th floor of the hotel with the most insane views.We sat at the bar and Emelie, who works in the hotel industry, gave me her thoughts haha!my weekend in pictures, bokan londonLook at this pretty drink I ordered.. with a huge amount of ice! They had a machine which melts ice into balls.. I kind of want one myself.
my weekend in pictures, bokan londonmy weekend in pictures, bokan londonmy weekend in pictures, bokan london
After two cocktails each we met my friend Kay at a bar in Liverpool street and continued weekend in pictures, bokan london
We’re very typical swedes. We ended up wearing skinny black jeans, black top with high neck, heeled boots, long black coat and scarf, haha.
The next day I woke up with a headache but I had an exciting meeting back at Novotel so I forced myself up and got ready.
Bokan looked totally different in daylight and I almost prefered being able to see all the stunning interior.
my weekend in pictures, bokan londonThose brown arm chairs are goals.Beautiful marble coffee weekend in pictures, bokan londonGrey views over the riverAfter my meeting I met up with Emelie and we had brunch at Tom’s Kitchen, a local favourite.
I spent the rest of the day on the sofa watching Collateral Beauty (with Will Smith and Keira Knightley) and on Pinterest. Late at night (10pm, I’m a granny guys) I get a call from G and he says he’s 10 minutes away. He brought me apple pie from Mcdonald’s!!!! Ahhhh love him love him love him.
Great ending to my weekend.


My weekend in pictures including The Marylebone, Shake Shack and Hoxton Grill


Good afternoon everyone!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend – I sure did 🙂 Unfortunately my week at work started off with complaints and negativity. Bleh. Anyway, here’s a long post about my weekend, haha.

On Friday I met up G after work and went to this pub in Notting Hill. We ended up staying there for a while and had food and desserts with two of his lovely colleagues.
On Saturday we woke up bright and early and went for a walk in Bermondsey (was meant to visit White Cube but it was closed) and bought this:YUM!
I then left G and went to The Marylebone, a bar/pub on Marylebone High Street, where a colleague celebrated his bday.I wore an off the shoulder top from Asos and my fave black jeans from ZaraShannon, Tamara and Hannah <3Birthday kid and his matesEmelie joined us as well! Yay!Someone (I think Khaled) ordered pizza and we dug in. Nom nom.
I had such a fun afternoon/evening at the bar with my colleagues and highly recommend The Marylebone for private parties! The room we were in had seating and tables and lots of floor space. The very patient bartenders were super helpful and in a good mood all afternoon (we were there for a while, haha). A massive thank you to them!

After a copious amount of cocktails I met up with G and we went to Shake Shack in Canary Wharf.
I ordered a Shackmeister and G ordered a double Smokeshack and a hot dog. This man can eat, I’m telling you!The burgers were insanely good (perhaps due to the alcohol levels in my body) and I would definitely go back. The service could’ve been better but I guess it’s not really a priority as it’s a “fast food” chain. Either way, it’s better than McD in my opinion!
On Sunday I made some kind of version of french toast and ate it with lots of cinnamon, jam and honey (not all at once) whilst watching Nocturnal Animals, a film directed by Tom Ford.
The film is about a woman who receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband, asking for her opinion. We follow her story as of right now, but also the manuscripts story – a story inside a story. It is violent and quite scary but also visually beautiful, thanks to Tom Ford. I highly recommend watching it!

G had been a little upset about the fact that I’d taken all my girls to Hoxton Grill but not him, so I booked a table for us to have their classic Sunday Roast.At Hoxton Grill we were joined by Nam 🙂I had the beef roast, G had the lamb and Nam ordered the veggie burger with sweet potatoes. The boys also shared a mac n cheese. Don’t know how they managed to eat it all.For dessert we shared a brownie with peppermint ice cream (do not recommend..) and carrot cake (do recommend!).In the evening we watched yet another film called Passengers, I’m sure you’ve all heard of it!
Passengers is about a spacecraft travelling to another planet with 5000 people, but malfunctions. Two passengers wakes up 90 years early and we get to follow their journey inside their very high tech new home.
Another film I definitely recommend!

That was my very productive but relaxed weekend 🙂 Puss!

by Noelle blog By Noelle Blog By Noelle @blogbynoelle blogbynoelle





On thursday I had a pretty productive evening, haha! I’m quite the granny if I can say so myself and rarely go out on weekdays as I highly dislike being “tired” at work. Well, thursday was an exception. G messaged me during the day asking if I wanted to come out in the eve and at first I hesitated. I had my brows microbladed the day before (more on that soon, promise!) and I felt liked I looked like an angry bird.. but decided to not let my thick and dark browse stop me from having fun, haha.
I came home after work and layered my makeup and YES I hate layering but I couldn’t be asked removing my makeup as it’s a struggle washing your face with the browse. I changed into a black (duh) outfit, popped on a hat and went to shoreditch.

More specifically, Radio Alice, where Luis and G had started on the wine.They ordered three pizzas and we caught up on life and relations.  By the way, if you haven’t checked out Radio Alice yet.. just do it! They do the best pizza in town.
After Radio Alice we went to Shoreditch House and had more wine. We found a spot near a fireplace and boy was I burning up! We decided to check out the roof terrace where Nam joined us for a bit and then we went to our third spot, Bounce!Bounce is a bar with lots of ping pong tables. I’m not a massive fan of it as I absolutely suck at ping pong and lots of other ball games I shall not mention but had a good time watching the others play!Me and Luis entertained ourselves a little too much with my snapchat. I still can’t decide if I like insta stories or snapchat but I do love the filters.. 😉

Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! Puss!


The Plough Inn at Kelmscott


The Plough Inn is a 30-40 minute drive west from Oxford, in the middle of nowhere (to a Londoner anyway!). It is a stunning old building with the restaurant and bar on the ground floor and 8 ensuite bedrooms upstairs. We were greeted by a group of cheery people who were probably there for christmas drinks and dinner, and checked in to our room. bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel2 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel3 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel4 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel5 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel6 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel7Isn’t that the nicest, cosiest room?! The bed was super comfy with lots of pillows, bathroom equipped with REN products (which is very good if you didn’t know), hairdryer and the best shower ever. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced water pressure that hard, haha! The room also had a big wardrobe and a tv with local channels.
In the evening I had booked a table in the restaurant downstairs so we popped down to eat some more, cause.. food is life.bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel8 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel10“A meal without wine is called breakfast” best quote ever tbhbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel9Pretty table settings!  I had a delicious prawn and avocado sandwich with homemade crisps.bynoelle-plough-innAnd G had sausage and mash. So british.bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel11 For dessert we ordered a caramelised baileys & vanilla custard and toasted passion fruit marshmallow, tropical fruits, vodka & watermelon sorbet. I think I prefered his one but both were super tasty.bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel12 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel13
After dinner we basically crashed in bed and watched some tv! Perfect ending 🙂


Early birthday celebrations!


So sorry for the lack of posting but I’ve been pretty busy all weekend celebrating my birthdaaaay!
Since my birthday was on sunday and I had monday off my dear colleagues decided to celebrate me on friday with this:Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetFave-flowers and a cupcake from Lola‘s, yuuuumProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetHow sweet are they?! So grateful to have such awesome colleagues.
After work me and the work gang went over the road to Smiths of Smithfield, a new bar/restaurant on Cannon Street in London. bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street2As it is newly opened not many people knows about it, and I haven’t seen any advertisement for it either strangely enough!bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street3I ordered a green goddess, a fruity green cocktail – and was given another one by Eli, a new colleague who wants to get on my good side!bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street4 bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street5 Part of the crewbynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street6 bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street7 bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street8Kal, this one’s for you.. for always annoying my photo ops.bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street9 After a couple of hours (!) of drinking we ordered some bar food and it was really really good!bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street11 I’d seriously go back just for the bar food! Yumbynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street12The cocktails were delicious, food was great and service ok (few staff super friendly, others.. not so much!). I’m pretty sure this will be our new regular spot but I do hope the service improves just a little bit!
Now, this was part 1 of my birthday.. Next up: Oxford!

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