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January 2018

Thoughts on last year’s goals and this year!


I found my goals from last year and as I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions I thought I’d at least comment on the goals and write about this years! Let’s see how I did: Workout 3-4 times a week and get myself some abs (they’re there somewhere, I know it!) I did pretty good during the start of the year but towards the end.. don’t think I’ve seen a gym for 3 months?! Eat less meat/pork and more fish/vegetarian…

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2017 in pictures


During the last couple of weeks I’ve had a bit of a blog/social media break. I’ve updated instagram regularly but I’ve tried to not put as much pressure on myself like I usually do. With more than 2 jobs I noticed my body was, and still is, shutting down. I’ve slept like never before and have relaxed and done nothing, like never before. As it’s a brand new year I thought we’d look back at the last one, if that’s…

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