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September 2017

DIY: How to update your headboard


I’m a big fan of DIY projects. Maybe not so much doing it myself but I love reading/watching others makeovers, haha. The other week I found a headboard in our storage room but it had this ugly dirty-beige colour so I googled around to see what I could do. I found a bunch of people that had done these fancy tufted headboards but I just wanted something plain.. What you’re going to need: A old, scruffy headboard Upholstery fabric Nails…

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My weekend in pictures


Once again I feel like my weekend started on a Thursday. My dearest Hannah took the plunge and quit her job (which basically involved sitting next to me..) and I am SO proud of her. She’s going to start her own business and I’m super excited about her future and I’m sure I’ll tell you guys more soon.. 😉 We popped over to Smith’s after work on Thursday and ordered some snacks and a bottle of prosecco. My beautiful Hannah!…

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Kräftskiva med Londonsvenskar | Crayfish party with Londonswedes!


KRÄFTSKIVA!! On Saturday Londonswedes invited me and Alana to the annual crayfish party. We arrived just after 1pm and the outdoor seats were already taken, bummer! We took a seat inside and my two colleagues Khaled and Faisal soon arrived with their friend Reya. We obviously wore the silly hats provided and did our first shot, ugh. Our starters arrived; Felix (swedish brand) meatballs, mash, lingonberry jam and cream sauce YUM! And then.. Potato salad with fresh dill, herring, salad,…

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My first YouTube video!


FINALLY! My “donating my hair to charity” video is up on my new YouTube channel! I was slightly annoyed that I couldn’t use my wonderful thumbnail that you can see above.. Apparently you need to be verified etc to be able to do so. Oh well, I will get there 😉 It took me a little while to get the hang of editing and countless youtube tutorials but I am pretty happy with the final result. I spent hours listening…

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Kräftskiva / Crayfish – party!!


I am SO excited for the weekend! I’m slowly teaching Alana how to live like a Swede and on Saturday we’ve been invited by Londonswedes to participate in their annual Kräftskiva at Smith’s Bar & Grill (crayfish party)! Crayfish? Huh? Due to very cold and long winters, harvest in Sweden could be limited to short periods so we’d rely on seasonal products. Crayfish is normally “picked up” from the waters from the beginning of August and since Swedes likes to celebrate…

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My weekend in pictures | Interior, celebrating Emelie and YouTube


A weekend filled with relaxation and fun! On Friday I got home with a headache and decided to take it easy. All I did was heat up some food and put up new frames above my bed. I want to move the frames slightly closer together but I ran out of Command Strips, haha! Saturday was spent on the terrace soaking up the sun and after that I did a load of laundry and cleaned my room – the joy…

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Pool hang and The Beast


Last weekend was seriously so productive. Not only did I attend two festivals, me and Alana decided to put out our pool as well and organise a little pool hang-thing. It took a good couple of hours to fill it up but we got there in the end! The sun was out the following day and we did nothing but chill by and in the pool! We invited Tahni and Mikaela over for lunch and more relaxing! We prepared snacks…

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