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August 2017

Foodies Festival!


Yes, yet another food festival! On Saturday me and Alana went to Alexandra Palace and to the Foodies Festival hosted in the park below it. Our first stop was the Beer For That tent that hosted tasting and pairing sessions. I’m not a big beer drinker but it was actually really interesting! We’d taste a piece of food, like a onion bhaji, and then get a small cup with a beer matching it. Beer for that has a tool on…

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Friday at The Big Feastival


Bank holiday weekend. The best weekend if you ask me. For my non-UK readers that basically means that we have Monday off, so extra long weekend! On Friday morning I met up with Nam and he drove us to Cotswolds and Alex Jamie’s farm (Blur singer..) where The Big Feastival was being held. The festival is a family friendly foodie-focused affair started by Jamie Oliver for literally all ages and backgrounds. The festival grounds were decorated to the t! A…

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Pitcher and Paint with friends


On Monday eve after work I attended Pitcher and Paint hosted by Albi and Ife at Silk and Grain. It is a newly started event incorporating art, drinks and meeting new people! I’ve been wanting to go to more courses after work and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. As soon as I arrived I caught up with the beautiful Nicole and we walked upstairs where the event was taking place. There we were met by donuts, yum!…

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My latest obsession: Statement earrings


Chain earrings from Pieces/Asos Tassle earrings from Asos With my new do and my ears on show, I’ve gotten a new obsession with statement earrings. Here are some of my faves out in shops right now! Cream tassel earrings from Missguided Pearl drop earrings from Asos Circle drop earrings from Pieces/Asos Intertwined hoop earrings from Mango…

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My weekend in pictures including Searcys, family meal and Haché burgers


My weekend was SO good guys. It kind of started on Thursday when I met up with Alana, Suzi, Alycia and Brendan. Alana had booked a table at Searcys at The Gherkin and I was super excited to finally see what it was like inside. We had a couple of drinks and the bar did not disappoint.. except the prices, haha! Sneaky selfie in the bathroom. I had to show off my new top I got from Depop (originally from Zara!).…

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I did it!


I just can’t believe I did it?! On Tuesday I went to Nadia’s hair salon and chopped my hair off for charity and for a personal change. She kindly offered me a glass of wine which I happily took and we snapped a few pictures before we got started. She brushed through my hair one last time and gathered it into a low ponytail and asked me a hundred times if I was sure about what we were about to…

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My weekend in pictures


So sorry for the silence! I was unable to access my blog for a couple of days due to my hosting platform, ugh. Here’s my weekend in pictures! I didn’t take many pictures on Friday and Saturday because everywhere I went was dark, haha. It started at BYOC near Aldgate on Friday. It is a speakeasy bar where you bring your own alcohol and they’ll make delicious cocktails for you (obvs for a price). It was lovely celebrating Shannon and…

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Right now kind of list


Pic by Mikaela Svarfvar I am currently: picking out more frames on IKEA’s website I am going to: make myself something to eat soon I can: watch a lot of episodes of Scorpion in a row (Netflix) I buy: probably too much of everything I should: book a flight out of here instead of complaining about the weather I have to: book driving lessons, just a bit scared and nervous I know: a lot of things I think: that this summer…

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I’m donating my hair to The Little Princess Trust!


Yup, you read that right! My long tresses has almost been part of my identity for the last 3 years and I’m ready for a change. I’ve wanted a smaller change for a while but my lovely (and stubborn) hairdresser Nadia has refused to cut my hair any more than a couple of cm when I’ve been to visit her, haha! She’s always said that she’s ready to cut more only if I’m doing a big change – SO HERE…

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