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April 2017

I’m back!


OH MY GOD, excuse the silence. I’m not going to apologize too much as 1. my blog is just a hobby I one day hope to become something more and 2. I just didn’t want to blog when we were surrounded by family, food and things to do. On another amazing note, I have so much to blog about now! We’ll start at the very beginning. We travelled to Sao Paulo from London Heathrow. I packed my usual long-haul travel…

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My current skincare favourites


Here are some of my current skincare faves! There are a couple of “old” brands and a couple of new ones I’ve recently discovered. Let’s start with this new addition to my collection. I came across The Ordinary on Caroline Hirons blog (no surprise there!) and was absolutely stunned by the price. These two serums are priced at £5 and £6?! I just don’t understand how they can create these amazing serums for that price. But hey, I’m not complaining.…

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We’ve now been in São Paulo for one day and we are currently at the airport again to fly to our next destination. So far we’ve had a lot of cheese (like, a lot), walked around the city and had yummy Italian food. Hope you’re all having a great start to the week! <3…

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Giant Robot – A new addition to Streetfeast


Streetfeast has opened yet another eating and drinking rooftopia, as they call it, in Canary Wharf! Me and Emelie decided to check it out on thursday and invited a couple of friends to share the experience with us (none ended up in pictures, we were too busy eating) I love the walk around West India Quay. Giant Robot looks like this from the outside: Pretty crazy, right? When we arrived we went straight to the bar. And then checked out…

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What I’ve done in the last couple of days


Sorry for the blog-silence but I’ve simply been busy with all of this: I made a delicious falafel salad with wraps. I washed my converses for the first time (long overdue). I popped the laces in a laundry bag and shoes in the washing machine at 30 degrees and low spin. Worked like a charm! Iron Zuu on Wednesday was an absolute killer. I felt so sick afterwards, haha. But my nausea was treated with Love Fresh Vietnamese and Mikaela…

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LVL lash lift review

lvl lash lift review before and after

On Saturday I walked to Aje Beauty, a treatment room (inside a gym, inside an apartment building) near my house. I was greeted by the lovely Aje and she had a little look at my short, half-asian lashes. Aje’s treatment room. So, what is LVL lash lift? The treatment straightens your natural lashes at the root, creating the appearance of longer, lifted lashes. The added tint creates a mascara like effect. Here are some before shots of my bare, naked…

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My weekend in pictures: Food, drinks and lots of talking


It feels like my weekend started Thursday evening. My flatmate’s parents came to visit and she arranged all of this:Delicious! It was so lovely meeting her parents and I see where she gets her personality from 😉 Friday was just another day at work (and the terror attack…) which finished at Smiths across the road.On Saturday I went to Aje Beauty and had a LVL lash lift! More on that in another post. Walked past these beauties and could not…

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How to fix a broken powder highlighter!


I’m usually one of those who throws away makeup if it’s broken but NOT TODAY! My dear Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm broke the other day, no idea how, and I was devastated. It’s my absolute fave highlighter ever (I’ve only owned two tbh) and I just couldn’t bare the thought of spending another £20 when there was so much left. Here’s what I did to save it! You’re going to need: Broken stuff A toothpick, spoon, whatever Eyedrops…

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