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March 2017

Swedish dinner at SMAKA


Last night me and Nicole had dinner at SMAKA in Aldgate East. About damn time I’ll say!
I arrived first and did what all bloggers do, take pictures.
Minimal, scandinavian interior. Stunning.Had a little peek at the menu..I was starving after my workout and 20 min walk to Aldgate so the bread was highly appreciated!Classic “knäckebröd” with butter.
Whilst waiting for Nicole I chatted with the lovely owner Dennie and the waitress I didn’t get the name of.
Nicole eventually arrived and we ordered scandi-inspired drinks.We were given snacks by the chef..And soon our mains came in; Meatballs!! The meatballs and mash were delicious and very filling.Nicole! 🙂
For dessert we had chocolate mousse, almond brownie and cinnamon ice cream, truffles and got to taste their lavender ice cream which was absolutely beautiful. We assumed it would be made with the very smelly flowers but they actually make the ice cream with the leaves – clever!We had such a lovely dinner and stayed way past dessert and talked about relationships, dating and work.


Hump day!


crossrail photoshoot roofgarden
Photos by Paelo Saddler

Happy hump day!
Am I the only one who quite enjoys Wednesdays? Monday’s and Tuesday’s are my least fave days but when you reach Wednesday you know the weekend is near 🙂

After work I am going to IronZuu with a few colleagues (recruiting as many as I can, haha) and then having dinner at Smaka with Nicole! I have never been to a scandi restaurant (except IKEA) in London so I am very excited!


Sunday lunch at Bokan in Novotel Canary Wharf


On Sunday we finally visited the restaurant Bokan for lunch. It is newly opened and located on the 37th floor of Novotel Hotel in Canary Wharf with the most stunning panoramic views over London.

First of all.. Excuse the random mix of camera and phone pictures. My camera decided to quit so I kind of forced G to bring his one!The interior is rustic but modern and warm. We discussed the restaurants furniture at length since G is an architect. He was impressed too, so that is a good sign!Stunning view!We were given fresh bread with salted butter to start with.We decided to skip starters and jump straight to mains as we were starving. It’s rare that I have this at fancy restaurants but as I said, I was starving. Whilst waiting for our food I was given a lovely pink rose because it was mother’s day (all women in the restaurant got one). Brownie points to Bokan!My main was a burger with bacon, cheddar, ginger glaze and triple cooked fries. It was very well cooked and dare I say the best burger I’ve ever had?! G on the other hand went for a vegetarian dish (rarely happens!). Fresh spaghetti with bocconcini, cherry tomatoes and pistou.The spaghetti was absolutely delicious and I will definitely order it next time.
Even though we both slowly started to feel the food coma we couldn’t resist having a little peak at the dessert menu. We ordered the tropical meringue (coconut, mango sorbet and cashew) but were given this.. Yuzu and lime tart (fromage blanc ice cream). We mentioned this was a wrong order and the staff kindly said that we could try it and that the meringue was on its way – very good save!G wanted to pop the meringue in the bowl but not before I had a bite holding it as a sandwich.. 🙂
After dinner I wanted to show G the rooftop, so we took the stairs upstairs.I really want those chairs and tables! Even the rug!Rooftop vibes. Will be such a good spot in the summer 🙂Lastly.. Let’s have a little peak at the female bathroom. I rarely take pictures of interior in bathrooms but this is pretty incredible.And this is the view?!We had such a wonderful time and I can’t believe I have such a good place near where I live. Carlos (our waiter) also explained that they have started with live music on fridays – will definitely have to check that one out 🙂


My weekend in pictures


Restaurants, fitness event, birthday drinks and cooking – it was a productive weekend!

On Friday I met G and had a drink with his colleagues. We discussed London slang words as an expat and shared a few laughs.. I’ve relied on Urban Dictionary to be completely honest. Not even embarrassed.
We then popped by Busaba to have the usual: Pad Thai with a side of squid.
Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and got ready to meet Karla as we were going to Adanola’s event in Clerkenwell.It finished earlier than expected so G met me at Barbican and we visited The Japanese House, a very big exhibition about Japanese architecture.The weather was stunning BUT ridiculously windy.When we got home we made a very simple, healthy dinner. Chicken, lots of veggies and wraps.After dinner I had a long shower and got ready for Tom’s bday drinks at Ruby’s.The night ended here:At a random turkish place nearby.
On Sunday we finally visited Bokan (will write more about it in another post!) and mmmmh, I’ll be back soon.We spent the rest of the day on the sofa watching Dave Chappelle’s new show on Netflix. Absolutely hilarious.When it was dark outside I made dinner. Lasagna was on the menu!I made a small version (above) and a very large version (below) to bring to G’s family the next day as a mother’s day gift. I’m all for flowers and chocolate but food? give me food any day of the week! 🙂I didn’t follow a recipe but there’s the usual minced beef, tomato sauce, tomato puree, garlic, onion, carrots (I like to add it!) and spices. I bought a ready made bechamel sauce and added loooots of cheddar cheese on top to make it crispy!


Sweat in the city with Adanola


Last September I went to a random house party in Williamsburg, NYC, and bumped into two guys from Manchester. We started talking and they explained they were in NYC to promote Adanola, their own brand. Since then I’ve followed “Sweat in the city” and Adanola and the boys are doing great things!
Yesterday morning I went to their first London event that was being held on a rooftop in Clerkenwell. I met up with the lovely Kara and we popped our bags down and enjoyed the sun.The event was hosted by Alice (Clean Eating Alice) and she had put together a really good 45 min workout.
It consisted of 3 different circuits for core, upper body and lower body and had it not been so damn windy we would’ve been sweating, haha.After the workout we popped over to the protein shake bar by She Supps. I had a super delicious vanilla shake and Kara had a strawberry shake which she said was just like a McDonalds one, haha!Cheers!I’m wearing fabletics leggins and sports top. Leather jacket from All SaintsMe, Hyrum, Alice and Josh!Adanola clothes! Really like the track suit and lounge wear they have, and obviously all the workout clothes too. Just look at these outfits:
adanola fitness wear
Love all of it!
After the event me and Kara went to the local pret and chatted about travel plans and life. It’s funny how you can meet someone for the very first time but still have so much to talk about!Thank you Adanola for a great event and to Kara for being an awesome workout partner!

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