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My weekend in pictures including The Marylebone, Shake Shack and Hoxton Grill


Good afternoon everyone!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend – I sure did 🙂 Unfortunately my week at work started off with complaints and negativity. Bleh. Anyway, here’s a long post about my weekend, haha.

On Friday I met up G after work and went to this pub in Notting Hill. We ended up staying there for a while and had food and desserts with two of his lovely colleagues.
On Saturday we woke up bright and early and went for a walk in Bermondsey (was meant to visit White Cube but it was closed) and bought this:YUM!
I then left G and went to The Marylebone, a bar/pub on Marylebone High Street, where a colleague celebrated his bday.I wore an off the shoulder top from Asos and my fave black jeans from ZaraShannon, Tamara and Hannah <3Birthday kid and his matesEmelie joined us as well! Yay!Someone (I think Khaled) ordered pizza and we dug in. Nom nom.
I had such a fun afternoon/evening at the bar with my colleagues and highly recommend The Marylebone for private parties! The room we were in had seating and tables and lots of floor space. The very patient bartenders were super helpful and in a good mood all afternoon (we were there for a while, haha). A massive thank you to them!

After a copious amount of cocktails I met up with G and we went to Shake Shack in Canary Wharf.
I ordered a Shackmeister and G ordered a double Smokeshack and a hot dog. This man can eat, I’m telling you!The burgers were insanely good (perhaps due to the alcohol levels in my body) and I would definitely go back. The service could’ve been better but I guess it’s not really a priority as it’s a “fast food” chain. Either way, it’s better than McD in my opinion!
On Sunday I made some kind of version of french toast and ate it with lots of cinnamon, jam and honey (not all at once) whilst watching Nocturnal Animals, a film directed by Tom Ford.
The film is about a woman who receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband, asking for her opinion. We follow her story as of right now, but also the manuscripts story – a story inside a story. It is violent and quite scary but also visually beautiful, thanks to Tom Ford. I highly recommend watching it!

G had been a little upset about the fact that I’d taken all my girls to Hoxton Grill but not him, so I booked a table for us to have their classic Sunday Roast.At Hoxton Grill we were joined by Nam 🙂I had the beef roast, G had the lamb and Nam ordered the veggie burger with sweet potatoes. The boys also shared a mac n cheese. Don’t know how they managed to eat it all.For dessert we shared a brownie with peppermint ice cream (do not recommend..) and carrot cake (do recommend!).In the evening we watched yet another film called Passengers, I’m sure you’ve all heard of it!
Passengers is about a spacecraft travelling to another planet with 5000 people, but malfunctions. Two passengers wakes up 90 years early and we get to follow their journey inside their very high tech new home.
Another film I definitely recommend!

That was my very productive but relaxed weekend 🙂 Puss!

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Wishful thinking – Black boots


Good morning!

Ah the search for the perfect black boots continues. As previously mentioned I want my future boots to be black (duh), have a heel (comfortable!) and look something like the ones below.

I quite like all of these but none of them really JUMPS out at me, you know? Argh. What brands do you recommend for simple black boots?


Foods I’ve eaten lately


Happy friday all!

Let’s have a little look at what I’ve eaten during the last two weeks. From lunch to snacks to dinner.

Lunch at Benugo. A simple wrap with chicken and salsa.I meal prepped one evening and made this! Brown rice (egg fried) with prawns, peas, corn, onions, soya sauce and lots of garlic. I ate it with salmon cooked with teriyaki sauce, nom nom.Avocado on crisp bread.. obviously.Potato gratin with Salmon and veggies. Pretty boring if you ask me but works for lunch!Garlic and herb chicken with a salad, mozzarella and avocadoThis is what I add on everything… Chicken spice blend from SchwartzBattered cod with rice, avocado and veggies. Burritos from Chilango – do not recommend whatsoever. Tasteless and bad service. Ugh.Falafel salad box from Falafel House on Cannon Street – if you work in the City this is a must!Potato gratin with battered cod and veggiesBeen trying to be good and make salads and other boring things.. Here’s something I whipped (?) up last night!
Halloumi, spinach, a wheatberry and quinoa mix, cucumber, tomatoes and avocado!This is the mix.. Bought it at Tesco! And last but definitely not least.. today’s breakfast at work from Pret. Yuuuum.

If anyone has any tips on healthy yummy foods do let me know! 🙂
Have a lovely weekend guys! Puss


Wednesday list | Random get-to-know-me list part 2


Here’s the rest of the random get-to-know-me list I stole from Nicole 🙂

1. What did you want to be when you were little?
Hair dresser, stylist, popstar, dolphin trainer and air hostess, which later in life I became..

2. What is your best childhood memory?
Being in music school from age 10-16. It was a normal school but our class had extra curricular activities such as music theory and choir practice. We’d also perform several times per year and it was truly the most amazing experience growing up.

3. Are you a cat or dog person?
Don’t mind but prefer dogs.

4. Are you married?

5. Always wear your seat belt?

6. Been in a car accident?
No, thank goodness.

7. Any pet peeves?
People walking slowly or groups taking up the entire street – I’ve got places to go!! Also, people not knowing the difference between your/you’re and their/they’re aaaahhhhhh!

8. Favourite Pizza Toppings?
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, mushrooms and rocket – basic but yummy. 

9. Favourite Flower?
Lilies or peonies. I can never really be asked to buy them myself but love bouquets like these:

10. Favourite ice cream?
Salt caramel or cookie dough.. or chocolate fudge brownie.

11. Favourite fast food restaurant?
Shake Shack

12. How many times did you fail your driver’s test?
I need to take my license this year, I’ll get back to this question haha.

13. From whom did you get your last email?
American Express, nothing exciting

14. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
Selfridges or IKEA 😉

15. Do anything spontaneous lately?
Went dancing on a thursday. Very spontaneous if you ask me!

16. Like your job?
Yes 🙂

17. Broccoli?
I like it

18. What was your favourite vacation?
South of France (which I haven’t actually blogged about yet..) and New York last year.

19. Last person you went out to dinner with?
Emelie, Mikaela and Nadia

20. What are you listening to right now?
DJ Khaled – Shining21. What is your favourite color?
Black when it comes to clothes (duh) otherwise red.

22. How many tattoos do you have?

23. How many people will fill this out?

24. What time did you finish this quiz?

25. Coffee Drinker?
Ew. Tea please.

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“Got your camera” “Yes..?” “Let’s shoot”


On Saturday me and G walked by this playground and decided to have a little shoot and also test out my lens (50mm).
The weather was absolutely stunning and it truly felt like spring. Can’t believe we’re nearly in March!

(Look at my hair though?! It lasted wonderfully through Saturday!)
Him <3

Coat: Custom made in Vietnam
Jumper: His
Scarf: No idea
Jeans: Zara
Sunglasses: Asos
Sneakers: Adidas NMD

I rarely do these type of outfit posts but do you guys like it? If you do I will kindly ask (force) my dear bf to help me out more 🙂 Leave a comment and let me know. Puss! (Kiss in Swedish for those who forgot)

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