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January 2017

Pure clay detox mask by L’Oreal


I promised I would write a review of the Pure Clay mask and here goes!
On Saturday I woke up with a headache and didn’t feel good until late afternoon. I had a long shower and decided to try the mask after.
My skin hasn’t been great lately as I’ve been ill and it’s also that time of the month soon – yay! (not!). I chose to try the detox mask first as my skin definitely needed a detox.Love the packaging. Feels luxury even though it was £5.99!Silky smooth clay. Instructions says to use a thin layer and wait 5-10 minutes and then wash off with warm water or with a wet flannel. I washed it off whilst sort of massaging my face and my skin felt super clean after. The next day I woke up with smaller spots and less redness which is a win for me!
The packaging, mask itself and price is just a winner. I’d highly recommend buying this and especially now as it’s on offer!
I’ll keep on using this over the next couple of weeks and will let you know how I get on 🙂 Puss! (Kiss in Swedish)


Frankie goes to Bollywood | Deptford market yard


Market yards are opening up all over London and I welcome them with open arms! Independent shops and restaurants are spreading everywhere instead of chains, thank goodness.

On Friday I went to Deptford Market Yard when Frankie goes to Bollywood opened. It is a indian inspired street food diner with pretty basic items on the menu but with a massive twist. Monty, the owner, was running a already successful street food business when he noticed a gap in the market. A lot of indian restaurants have the exact same menu but this place wants to have fun with its ingredients and flavours hence things like sausage and mash and bacon naanwich.
I dressed warm and headed out into the cold.
Was welcomed by a cinnamon shot.. (it’s called something else but it taste like liquid cinnamon)
Cute details all over! Sausage and mash! Very very delicious.Fried chicken with indian flavour, yum.Vegan burger. Nam made yummy noises so I think it was good.
The place was absolutely packed with people but I can imagine it being lovely during spring when you can sit outside and chill in the sun.
There are lots of other places in the market yard and I can’t wait to go back and see what else they opening.Have you been to Deptford market yard yet? If so, what did you think of it?


Where to eat on Valentine’s day | London edition


Valentine’s is slowly approaching and even though I somewhat agree with friends who says “it’s unnecessary and only for shops to make money” I’m a hopeless romantic. There. I said it. Yes, we should cherish the ones we love on all other days as well, but I just like celebrating things and I love love! I love flowers and hearts and romance and all that comes with it.
This years Valentine falls on a Tuesday which sucks a little for me cause I’ll be at school, but we’ll probably plan a date another night of that week.

Anyway, to celebrate Valentine’s day I obviously think you should eat cause there’s nothing better than love and food.
Here are my fave date places in London for Valentine’s (or any other day!):

Sketch, Mayfair
Pics from this post
If you’re into interior, amazing service and want to spend a little extra I highly recommend Sketch. It is quirky and special, pretty to look at and the food is delicious.

Roka, Aldwych

Pics from this post
There are several Roka restaurants in London and we’ve been to Aldwych and Canary Wharf, both really good. The food is fresh and well cooked and the service is great! I prefer Roka to Zuma (another famous japanese restaurant).

100 Wardour Street, Soho
Pics from this post
If you want more of an experience, 100 Wardour street is your place. I had dinner there on one of their Motown nights and it was absolutely fantastic. The food was good, service good but the music, oh the music! All of the singers were absolutely stunning and I was so impressed by their performances.

Le Relais De Venise, Soho

Pics from this post
I couldn’t do a restaurant list without mentioning my fave steak restaurant. Again, there’s a few of them in London and I’ve been to them all (oops!). Firstly, don’t take your date here if she/he is a vegetarian/vegan as they only have one option on the menu and that is a yummy steak with chips and sauce. That’s it.

Radio Alice, Hoxton  Pics from this post
Radio Alice opened just two months ago and have so far had some really amazing reviews! The interior is beautiful, staff super friendly, they play good music and the pizza, nom nom nom. Delicious.

Throwback story:
When I was 14 there was this boy who liked me and on Valentine’s he gave me a rose with a poem that said:
If love was water you would be an ocean and I would swim in you every day

I remember feeling super embarrassed as I didn’t like him back, but now thinking back at it DAMN he was brave for giving me that?! Haha!

Do you have any funny valentine’s stories? Or restaurant recommendations for a date? I’m always looking for new places to try so please comment 🙂


Friyay and four on repeat 


FRIYAY! Feels like it’s been a very long week as I’ve been recovering from my cold (sorry for mentioning it yet again!) but I am finally getting better.
Today I celebrated Friday by having lunch from Falafel House, yum!
My weekend plans are:
I am soon going to the local bar to have a drink with my girls from work. After that I am going home to quickly change and refresh my face – by the way, is there anyone else who has to wash their face and redo their makeup before going somewhere in the evening? just me? – we are going to a restaurant opening in deptford, exciting!
Tomorrow I might pop to the gym early and then meeting Tom for lunch at newly renovated Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. I haven’t been there since the revamp so I’m excited to see it!
On Sunday I have to do some laundry and meal prep for the coming week. I also feel like baking kanelbullar (swedish cinnamon buns) so perhaps I’ll do that too!

On another note.. here’s four songs that I’ve played a hundred times so far:

1. Kehlani – Keep on 2. Alina Baraz – Electric  3. Tinie Tempah – Text from your ex 4. Alice Jemima – No diggity

What are your weekend plans?
Puss! (still means Kiss in swedish)


Thursday burgers


Yesterday I went to the gym after work and did a ZUU class, oh boy was that hard? I kept on having cough fits and my throat felt super dry. Not the best idea perhaps but I did feel good after! Especially after 15 min in the super hot steam room.
I waited around in the Virgin active lounge after and eventually met G to have a late dinner at Byron.
We were offered free chicken nuggets and who doesn’t like free food? Bring em’ in!
They were ok.
We then moved onto burgers. I had a classic cheese burger and G had everything on the menu.
Not really. But he had a lot, haha.
Not the bestest burger I’ve ever had but not bad either. Not the greatest service but not bad either. I’m just in a annoying mood at the moment (hello PMS) so nothing really pleases me except chocolate and hugs.
Hope you’re all having a splendid Friday so far!

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