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December 2016

2016 – November to December


We’re at the end of the year in my 2016 summary!
November started with birthday celebrations for Holly at The Villandry.dsc07400-copy img_6710 Look at this crew? Beautiful ladiesdsc07452-copy I met up with my friend Helena and her baby girl <3dsc07557-copyAbsolutely adorable!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Dinner with the creepettes.. 😉

dsc07583-copyMade a new friend! Emelie is friends with Sofia who got married in October. img_6886 Had pancakes after pancakesimg_6877 dsc07604-copy Attempted to make sweet potato toast.. it could’ve gone better!screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-15-36-45
Was featured on Londonsvenskar! 🙂img_7137
Dinner at our usual date spot Le Relais de Venise

dsc07621-copy Popped home to Swedendsc07638-copy Spent hours chatting with my girls Anja and Charlottedsc07674-copy Went to the local christmas market with mum & sisdsc07700-copyAnd forced mum to make pho, yuuuuum!


Most of you already know what happened this month but here’s a few pics anyway! 🙂radioalice6
radioalice-pizza-parmaI was fortunate enough to visit Radio Alice during their soft opening! Have to go back soon. Seriously. bynoelle-smiths-restaurant-cannon-street6 Birthday drinks with work!birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller6 Birthday getaway to Oxford with my manbirthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller13 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel Stayed at The Plough Innbynoelle-natural-history-museum-oxford4 Visited the natural history museumbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review7 Ate good food..bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review16 img_7611 Saw a lucia concert, a must if you’re a swede!bynoelle-christmas-dinner4And just recently celebrated christmas.. brazilian style!

In just a day or two it’s 2017 and I am super excited about the coming year. I don’t know why but I’ve got a good feeling about it.


Sometimes we are taken into troubled water not to drown but to be cleansed


I started writing this post end of August and here I am, end of December, ready to publish it. I’ve re-written and changed it several times but the conversations I’ve had in the last two weeks just made me think f*ck it, let me just share this with you.

Sometimes we are taken into troubled water not to drown but to be cleansed

The above quote has been stuck with me for a good couple of months now. 2016 has been a year of many ups and downs in terms of my relationships with friends – male and female.
I’ve made and lost a lot of friends over the years – mainly because I’ve moved four different countries since I was 18, and let me tell you one thing: you truly learn who’s a real friend the moment you move country. I’d say I have a handful of friends in my hometown and Stockholm, one in Dubai, a few in the states and a few here in London. My circle is very small and changes all the time.
2016 though, has been a year of most change and it’s been really difficult but also necessary.

I’d like to think that I am known for being a kind person but also too kind. I’ve taken a lot of BS this year that many others (that I’ve discussed with) wouldn’t and I am tired of feeling anxious, stressed and like a bad friend. I’m not gaining anything from feeling that way.

Relationships changes all the time and sometimes the change is so big the love you thought you had for one person isn’t strong enough to fix it

I’ve had many long and deep conversations about friends who won’t grow with you, who won’t support your projects, who is only there when they need something, who’s holding you back and spreads bad energy. After a few events this autumn I said enough is enough. I want positive energy, I want excitement and honesty, I want to be around people who are motivated and driven to better themselves in their personal life and career and whatever it is they’re doing and I want to be there for them. It takes a minimal second to show someone support by simply sharing their instagram with someone, like, comment, buy a ticket to a friends event, show up and simply be there. It’s. Not. That. Hard.

I need to learn to accept change better, to know my worth (more on that in another rant-style post) and to prioritise people around me who makes me feel good – I wrote this in my first draft and have actually started implementing this in my everyday life and oh boy do I feel good?! Sure my panic attack was a surprise slap in the face but, ignoring that event, I’ve felt really good.

Life’s journey – people will come and go, relationships will be beautiful and awful, begin and break up. I’m forever grateful for the people I have met during “my journey” but also sad that I no longer speak to some of them, for whatever reason.

I will continue to work on the above throughout next year and here are a few things I want us all to focus on:

  • Put yourself first and own your decisions
  • Break up with friends/partners who doesn’t make you feel good. Surround yourself with people who see your value and remind you of it
  • Say no more. Our generation and the word FOMO (fear of missing out) are lovers and just remember that you don’t have to attend every single event
  • Open up. Don’t be scared to open up to friends/family with what you are going through. You’d be surprised how many can relate and are willing to help
  • Use Social Media less. We are all addicted to our phones and apps and we (humans!) are the ones missing out. Instead of talking, meeting up and interacting we message, like and snapchat. Next time I’m out for dinner I’ll make sure everyone gets their foodie-pics and selfies but after that I want phones in the pockets, not even on the table.
  • Be positive! Life’s so much better with a positive mindset

Pins from my Pinterest


Secret Santa with The Creepers


Yesterday I hosted the annual creepers christmas get together and what a night it was! Let’s have a look.
bynoelle-secret-santa-christmasI came home after work and prepped the living room with crisps, drinks and flowers
Managed to get these from Tesco for £2.45 – love a good bargain! Thanks Tesco man for applying the extra discount!bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas3Ashley felt merry and got us all Nando’s!!I left my phone for two sec and I’ve now got 100 selfies from Albi and Tenibynoelle-secret-santa-christmas4Secret santa!bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas5Junior is known for being.. well not the best gift giver.. He gave matt a picture of himself, haha!bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas6
Santa’s helperbynoelle-secret-santa-christmas7Albi got some arty stuff!bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas8bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas9
Tazer got a Liverpool tee (me and Tisse had absolutely no idea what this was..)dsc07995-copy
Albi got revenge on Jr on Geralds behalf.. That’s friendship, ladies and gentlemen. He was given beerpong, haha.bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas10Me and Tisse entertained ourselves when the conversations got too dirtyForgot to take a group picture in the living room so took a quick bye-selfie in the hallway I got this cute PJ set from Cat and a choker! Yaaaay!

Thanks guys for not completely destroying my living room and for making me laugh hysterically throughout the year in our group chat. Love you all!


My latest screenshots


I screenshot things regularly and never remember to actually go back and check what it was I wanted to remember, haha. Let’s have a little look and see if we can find something useful!

Okay this book sounds pretty magical. Might have to buy it

My curling wand is on sale guys! You can find it here. Think I just screenshotted it cause I wanted to share the deal with you!
It is a great wand if you want loose curls and works great on long thick hair

So this is a mug that basically has a flavour infused rim (top of the mug) or something like that. You basically smell orange/coke/berries whilst drinking water which makes your brain confused. I’m SO intrigued by this tbh

My friend Tom is moving into a new apartment and IT HAS EXPOSED BRICKS and I am so excited for him. I obviously went on pinterest straightaway and bombarded him with pins

Another one I sent him

Well.. this is just me

A really good song I had to tweet about

Love the layers of necklaces

Just look at that view?! I’d love to plan a winter holiday in the next year or so

The best quote

Bella Hadid looking STUNNING in this beautiful gown

Avocado saver!!! Need to find this



My nine most liked pictures in 2016


I saw Sandra’s post about her nine most liked pics on Instagram and decided to do one myself! My instagram is blogbynoelle and it got 31,493 likes this year and these 9 were my most liked ones.

9. Me and G at Sofia’s wedding in October. Hands down one of the best days in 2016

8. Date night outfit. We had a delicious dinner at Roka and talked for hours. Just me and him.

7. In Copenhagen, taken by G. We cycled around the city on these high tech bikes with ipads navigating us

6. Sunrise in Ibiza. Me and G joked about getting up early to have a little shoot and we somehow managed to actually wake up early enough to do so! I still haven’t shared the actual pictures with you.. :’) *writes a reminder*

5. Flower crown at Diesel event. They had a flower station creating these crowns but I’ve got to say.. the swedish way is the only way. This “crown” was basically a flimsy headband 🙁 Looks pretty here though!

4. One of my fave portraits taken by G, again in Copenhagen.

3. Tomatoes at Sager + Wilde. They actually stole this picture and used it as their profile picture on all of their socials for quite some time, without giving me credit. Ah, the grey confusing rules of Social Media!

2. All black outfit in Canary Wharf. When in doubt, wear black.

1. Selfie! I posted this after realising I hadn’t posted a picture of myself for quite some time and it somehow got the most likes this year, haha. Thanks self timer!

So 8 out of 9 pictures were of me.. That’s kind of boring, haha. I personally like number 4 and have used that picture everywhere from facebook to linkedin, haha.

If you’d like to see your top 9 pictures click here: 2016bestnine

Noelle x

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