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September 2016

An arty afternoon at the Met


So sorry for the lack of posts lately! For some reason I thought my body and mind would be strong enough to handle NYC – work – Ibiza – work with no break whatsoever and well, my body and mind crashed. I, with a little help from google, diagnosed myself and I was simply exhausted. I was tired, dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous and had pains everywhere. Now take that and add pms on top of that – great combo! I’m now feeling a lot better so let’s get back to NYC!
After our visit to Top of the Rock we met up with Lili and walked to Central Park, another must see.dsc06468 dsc06470 dsc06473 dsc06474 dsc06475 dsc06476 dsc06480 dsc06482The park was, not surprisingly, absolutely stunning and surrounded by tall buildings. We then walked to the Met which is literally next to the park.dsc06491 dsc06494 dsc06495Now don’t be fooled! My friend Daniel mentioned that the entrance fee is just a donation so you can actually pay whatever you want! We paid $10 for 3 people whereas their recommendation is $25 per person!dsc06496dsc06502dsc06504dsc06507dsc06510dsc06511dsc06513dsc06514We didn’t actually go through the entire museum as it would’ve probably taken a day and a half, but saw what we wanted to see 🙂dsc06519dsc06524Quick visit to the Guggenheim, such a beautiful building!dsc06532And like true new yorkers took the train back to Brooklyn.


Top of the Rock!


After a week in NYC I still didn’t feel THAT impressed by it, but as soon as I saw this view I felt “this is what everyone is talking about”, you know? During the morning I bought tickets to Top of the Rock online and they were about $31 per ticket. We arrived around 10am (it opens 8am) and there was a queue but to pass time they were showing a video of how the Rockefeller was made, interviews and what tv shows are recorded in the building (like SNL, Jimmy Fallon..) and we were shortly ushered into lifts to go to the 67-70th floor.dsc06435-copy dsc06438-copy dsc06466-copydsc06439-copy Central park on one side and Empire State Building on the other..dsc06441-copy dsc06442-copy dsc06446-copy dsc06449-copy dsc06451-copy dsc06454-copy dsc06458-copy dsc06465-copy dsc06467-copyA lot of tourists tend to go to the Empire State Building but I personally think this viewpoint was the very best! You could see as far as the Statue of Liberty from here. If you ever go to NYC this is a must-do!


Steak and water at Juliette in Williamsburg


After a very bad hangover on sunday and a chilled day monday I felt like I never wanted to drink again! We’d had burgers, asian and italian food so steak seemed like a good option. After a bit of googling we found Juliette which was walking distance from us. dsc06433-copyWe sat on the cute roof terrace and ordered starter and main..dsc06424-copy Looked at the bar once and thought no, water for me.dsc06425-copy dsc06426-copy dsc06427-copy dsc06428-copy dsc06431-copy dsc06432-copy
So delicious! The staff wasn’t the nicest but I guess the food made up for it.. More on that in another post!dsc06434-copyAfter Juliette we went straight home to bed!


Wondering around West Village, lunchin’ at The Spotted Pig and shopping at Aritzia


After a pretty long walk over the brooklyn bridge and what felt like the entire of manhattan we reached West Village – probably one of my favourite areas. Less skyscrapers, more independent shops and cute houses (think Sex and The City) and cafés. dsc06398-copy dsc06400-copy dsc06404-copyFire escapes everywhere – So New YorkWe ended up at The Spotted Pig for lunch, a restaurant co-owned by Jay Z!dsc06407-copy dsc06408-copy We decided to go all in so ordered oysters (yum) and burgers (yum yum)dsc06409-copy dsc06410-copy dsc06411-copy Super fresh and delicious oystersdsc06413-copy dsc06416-copyTadaaa! Probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The fries were slightly difficult to eat but they were good too. After this monster we had some tea haha After lunch we walked over to the flatiron building – another tick on my list!dsc06417-copyAnd nearby I spotted Aritzia, a clothing shop we do not have in the U.K and that I’ve checked out online several timesTom was super amusedAnd guess what I walked away with? A pair of black trousers and a white top.. nothing of the above, haha!
I love days like these when you just walk around, get a little lost, stop for food and continue walking. Love love it.


Breakfast at Five Leaves and walking the iconic Brooklyn Bridge


On Monday me and Katie met Tom, my good friend from London. Previously that morning I had googled breakfast places in Brooklyn and Five Leaves was one of the top ones.DSC06368 copyDSC06371 copyDSC06372 copyThis type of interior is SO common throughout NYC but I quite like it. It’s charming and can’t be too hard to maintain, haha!DSC06350 copy We ordered avocado toast, toasted farro bowl and pancakes with ricotta – YUM!!!!DSC06352 copy DSC06354 copy DSC06357 copy DSC06360 copyOne of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had!DSC06363 copy Hi Tom!DSC06365 copy Hi Katie!DSC06366 copy Not a cloud in the sky! Next stop; Brooklyn Bridge! Another must see on my list.DSC06374 copy DSC06378 copy DSC06385 copy DSC06388 copy DSC06390 copy DSC06394 copyA new “trend”? I thought the key and lock thing in Paris was sweet but people are now taking it a little too far.DSC06392 copySuch stunning views from Brooklyn Bridge. I regret not doing more walking during sunset but we were always so busy with other plans! The walk takes about 20-30 minutes and watch out for the crazy bike riders!

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