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August 2016

White stripes for work


I’m a big fan of Ebay and Depop for finding clothes/various items for cheaper than retail price, probably because I have worked in retail so knows how crap some brands quality is.. haha. I found this brand new (!) dress on Ebay from Zara and I absolutely love it. Especially because it cost me £5.19 including postage :’) Most of you know I wear all black pretty much 90% of my time but every once in a while like to be a daredevil and scare myself by buying something like the dress below. It’s navy (not sure if you can see that) with white stripes ALL OVER IT and it’s the perfect shape and style for work.Daredevil, I’m telling you.


Love Fresh Vietnamese at The Artworks in Elephant and Castle


Any day is a good day as long as it involves good food, right? On friday after gym I met up with a few friends at The Artworks in Elephant and Castle. Imagine boxpark in Shoreditch? It’s like that, but smaller. They’d really spruced up the place since I last went and I liked it a lot. My friend Nam has the most amazing little food place called Love Fresh Vietnamese so we obviously ate there 🙂 img_4554img_4557 img_4556img_4555img_4553img_4558 img_4560 img_4559We all ate Nam’s famous lemongrass chicken with rice and salad, but he does the most amazing summer rolls and vietnamese pancakes as well. Go check it out if you’re in the area!


3 leg and glutes exercises I like (arguable) doing


On friday after work I hit the gym before meeting some friends. I focused on lower body (which I normally do) and here are 3 exercises I tend to do most times I’m at the gym.
I almost always do back squats but have also started incorporating front squats as I don’t want my quads to grow any bigger, haha. I tend to do:
40kg 10 x 2 (warm up)
50kg 10 x 3
60kg 5 x 3
And if I want to do front squats I’ll do:
40kg 10 x 3Next up is leg press. I only recently started doing this because I frankly didn’t know how to use the bloody machine. I tend to do: 10 x 3 with 120-140kgOne of my favourite glute exercise is weighted donkey kick on the cable machine. 10 x 3 on each leg with 15kgAs I said earlier, I do these exercises most days at the gym and other workouts as well like lunges, dead lifts, abs and pull ups.. Would you like to see more of what I do at the gym? I’m absolutely no expert but quite enjoy working out and sharing what I do 🙂


The perfect catch up spot


On thursday after work and gym I met up with my amazingly cool friend Albi, who works in Westminster. We bought some food from Tesco and walked down the river to a small pier with a lovely view. He’d been travelling for 3 weeks so we had lots to talk about!
Look at these views?! Pair that with warm weather and good conversations and you’ve got yourself a perfect evening.


Lunch from Benugo’s.. again!


Oh but just read what I had: Churrasco chicken wrap with chimichurri mayo, lettuce, lime, corn salad, cucumber and cabbage and carrot salad. Yuuuum.Ah I could honestly have it every day of the week!

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