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April 2016

JinJuu / Kingly Street


Okaaay so I might have found one of my new favourite restaurants.. On Wednesday me and two colleagues went to JinJuu on Kingly Street near Carnaby Street (Oxford Circus).
Google says that JinJuu is a modern Korean restaurant based in London and Hong Kong that serves modernised street food. My colleagues had randomly found the place a week earlier but had only had dessert, so we decided to order everything on the menu because.. why not?

Love little details like these

The most amazing fried tofu burgers

Crispy fried round prawn cakes and kimchi arancini (rice balls), both deliciousKorean chopped green salad with spicy prawns
Glazed usda short rib – OMG this was so good. It literally fell apart as soon as my chopsticks touched them.. Miso grilled vegetables

MY FAVOURITE TIME! Dessert. Fried apple mandoo pie. Imagine McDonalds apple pie but with more cinnamon. Tip for next time: ask for vanilla ice cream instead of the sour-ish maple yoghurt
Snickers hotteok – super yum

3 in each pack, 3!!
 And let’s not forget about the toilets. I actually went simply to look at the pictures. Judge me all you want! 
15 Kingly St
London W1B 5PS



Stress and Burger & Lobster


I’ve had a pretty (read: very!) tough week at work and have been busy from 8am to 5pm, if not later. The stress I have been feeling have been on a new level. A level I do not like in the slightest. I’d like to think I handle stressful situations quite well but I find it hard to shake it off and relax and so often bring these stress feelings home. I seriously think this is why I’m still unwell and my skin breaking out.. My mind, soul and body is having a mini crash. Oh well. Nothing I can’t handle! *positive thoughts*

Last night I met up with my sister Maianh who currently (move home please) lives in Dubai. We went to Burger&Lobster and had lobster roll and grilled lobster, with garlic and butter sauce and chips. I hadn’t seen her for months so we had a lot of catching up to do. We are in quite different periods in life and I find it so amusing hearing her stories from Dubai.. It’s better than reality tv, seriously!
Our food was absolutely delicious and finished off with baileys ice cream. Nom om om. 

 Love those “clouds”.



Sunday roast


Yesterday Luis invited me to his for a sunday roast. I entered his home and was greeted with a prosecco/juice drink, oh how I love that man, haha. Whilst he was cooking we watched Beyonce’s new video-album Lemonade. Have any of you seen it? Am I the only one who middle of the album thought “no no no they better not announce a divorce after this”?!
Anyway. We were joined by Jamie and Luis’s mum, had the most wonderful roast and watched Kung Fu Panda 3.For dessert I made my special Apple Crumble, the reviews were pretty good 😉

Thanks for having me Lu!!



Joe & the juice


I’m still recovering from this damn flu!! Super frustrated. Yesterday I had to visit our other office and noticed they had opened a Joe & the juice nearby, finally! If they ever open one in the city my pockets will be empty by the end of the month. I popped in for a sandwich and – obviously – a juice. Whilst chatting to the boys (2 out of 3 were danish) I explained I was still unwell and they treated me to a ginger shot – the strongest shot I’ve ever had. It did wake me up, so.. mange takk 🙂img_1594.jpgimg_1595.jpg img_1593.jpgPuss,


The Hangout at Skyloft


On Sunday last week me and my swedes (Maria & Isabella) went to The Hangout event at Skyloft, Millbank Tower. The Hangout is literally what the name says, hanging out. Good music, drinks, ping pong tables, beer pong, tv and games which later turned into a dancefloor where the DJ played the latest songs mixed with old school tunes.
As usual I was dressed in all black BUT with a twist! My baby since 2005, my ride or die, gold bomber jacket.
Back in 05′ I remember going on a school trip to Stockholm and whilst visiting a vintage shop spotted this little gem. 750 kroner (£70) was a lot of money for a 15 year old, but I just had to have it and haven’t stopped wearing it since!The view from Skyloft is absolutely amazing and London blessed us with beautiful weatherDSC04131Me and Isabella were early and headed straight to the candy floss barDSC04136 DSC04138Shortly after Maria arrived!DSC04140DSC04152Maaaan I’ve got some pretty friendsThey had football-pool(?)! I’m absolutely shit at anything competitive/sports related so I decided to watch.. 😉DSC04139My very handsome friend Luis arrived with his crew! Don’t know why I didn’t get a picture with them..
Finished off with a “official” picture from the event with my babe Bella!
I absolutely love events like these. Daytime hangout turning into a party that – this is the best part- finishes before midnight!? *granny who likes her sleep*

See you there next time!


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