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December 2015

Intimate settings at The Lockhart


Me and my friends are all massive foodies and a couple of weeks ago Pharao tagged me and Nigel in a picture someone had taken at The Lockhart and I just knew we had to book a table as soon as possible! It was Mikaela’s birthday last week and Pharao’s soon, so what better place then to celebrate them both here.
24596709391_0499f30986_k24394708380_11a59e1be4_k 24394708960_3170578707_k
We first ordered drinks and also the soon-to-be world famous made-to-bake Cornbread which was literally swimming beautifully in butter (see proof below) 24572454052_b4a88f8371_k
24322549169_6bdfdaef57_kAHHHHH do you see what I see? I’m pretty sure Pharao passed out for a quick second
DSC01638 copy
It took us a while to decide what to order but in the end we all took different main dishes and passed the plate/bowl around – the best way to try food is to share
Shrimp and grits
Crawfish and cream cheese dip
24062057444_dc1cdde982_kSmoked Jacob’s Ladder shortrib with, creamed corn and red cabbage

24572453122_40105a9185_kSmoked red deer (!), chervil root, pickled turnips and red eye gravy

Great portion sizes, beautifully presented and most importantly it tasted absolutely amazing
For dessert we shared two lemon icebox pies – meringue covered lemon ice cream with a crumble base oooooh nom nom nom so yummy. The staff was super friendly and arranged a lit candle on one of the desserts and we all sang happy birthday out loud.
It is safe to say that this was one of the best meals of 2015.
Visit their website HERE and book your table now.



Travel diaries / Gothenburg II


On the day I was leaving we were met by sunshine. We decided to visit Världskulturmuseet to see their latest exhibition called Playground. This is the text found on their website: Playground is a playful exhibition about norms, and the right to be one’s true self. You will be asked big important questions: What are norms? Are they good, bad or both? Who makes them, and can you create your own? Through everyday objects, you will meet the world. Objects from Vietnam and Sweden, collected in the now and in the past tell stories about prejudice, gender and love.
I’ve been to Vietnam a few times and I can’t say that I have seen any “evidence” of the LGBT community. This exhibition highlights those people and even though a lot of their stories are difficult to read, it brings me hope of a better and more equal society.
It doesn’t say how long the exhibition will last but I would recommend everyone to visit. DSC01237
Beautiful day
Translation: Who would you like to swing with? Who are you allowed to swing with?
DSC01245 DSC01247
My favourite piece in the exhibition. Look at all these amazing, beautiful people?!
Translation: When everything goes to hell its the people who are still standing without blinking, who’s your family.
This couldn’t be more true. The people who accept you for who you are without judging, THEY are your family.
DSC01243DSC01248 DSC01249
Traditional vietnamese dresses
A lesbian couple in their apartment in Vietnam
DSC01253DSC01259 DSC01261 DSC01267DSC01236Puss,


Travel diaries / Gothenburg


My godmother lives in Gothenburg and a couple of months ago I decided to take a weekend off and visit her and her family. It was such a relaxing trip and I didn’t have any plans at all which is a first for me. One day we had a big typically Swedish breakfast and later took a trip to Spinneriet, an old industrial building which is now housing brands like Östlingh and SchedinDSC01200 Boiled eggs, kaviar, sandwiches and tea with honey nom nom nom
Spinneriet, just outside of Gothenburg in a part called LindomeDSC01204 DSC01205 DSC01206 That sink is beautiful!DSC01207 DSC01209 DSC01211 DSC01214 DSC01219 DSC01223Industrial lamps, random candlelight holders, old gymnastics equipment, modern rugs, they had it all!



Lucia i London


One of my favourite Swedish traditions is Lucia (this video explains it perfectly: Click here)
It reminds me of my time in music school age 10-16 and our annual lucia -and christmas concerts was the highlight of the year, it wouldn’t feel like christmas without it.
Last October I noticed a post on the Swedish Church website that they were about to expand their church choir for more singers during this festive period and I signed up! Every other year they have concerts in Westminster Cathedral and St Paul’s Cathedral and this year it was St Paul’s turn.
It was absolutely incredible to walk in with our lit candles through the enormous dark church and sing in front of 2500 swedes and non-swedes. A lovely evening that finished with dinner at Zizzis with my boyfriend and close friend.
thumb_IMG_8601_1024 IMG_8620_Fotor
Here are some official photos from St Pauls Cathedral Flickr account


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