Sweat in the city with Adanola


Last September I went to a random house party in Williamsburg, NYC, and bumped into two guys from Manchester. We started talking and they explained they were in NYC to promote Adanola, their own brand. Since then I’ve followed “Sweat in the city” and Adanola and the boys are doing great things!
Yesterday morning I went to their first London event that was being held on a rooftop in Clerkenwell. I met up with the lovely Kara and we popped our bags down and enjoyed the sun.The event was hosted by Alice (Clean Eating Alice) and she had put together a really good 45 min workout.
It consisted of 3 different circuits for core, upper body and lower body and had it not been so damn windy we would’ve been sweating, haha.After the workout we popped over to the protein shake bar by She Supps. I had a super delicious vanilla shake and Kara had a strawberry shake which she said was just like a McDonalds one, haha!Cheers!I’m wearing fabletics leggins and sports top. Leather jacket from All SaintsMe, Hyrum, Alice and Josh!Adanola clothes! Really like the track suit and lounge wear they have, and obviously all the workout clothes too. Just look at these outfits:
adanola fitness wear
Love all of it!
After the event me and Kara went to the local pret and chatted about travel plans and life. It’s funny how you can meet someone for the very first time but still have so much to talk about!Thank you Adanola for a great event and to Kara for being an awesome workout partner!


Friyay, the swedish way


After a long day at work I dragged Khaled with me to Scandinavian Kitchen on Gr Titchfield Street. I bought cinnamon, bilar (candy) and gifflar (cinnamon buns in a smaller version) whilst forcing K to buy two normal cinnamon buns as he had never had it before. Nom nom.They’ve redecorated a little inside! I’m liking the new layout.Mmmmh, fika! SO YUM! I think I’ve converted Khaled to swedish baked goods too, yay!

Plans for this weekend are:

Tonight we are going to relax at home and maybe watch a movie. I should really do my nails too.
Tomorrow morning I am going to a fitness event with Adanola at an abandoned carpark! Very exciting.
In the evening me and G are going to have a couple of drinks with Tom for his bday. Old man that one.
On Sunday we are finally going to Bokan for lunch. I’ve only been to the bar but have been very excited to try the food.

What are your plans for this weekend? Puss!


Wednesday list | Random Q’s


I haven’t done a list in a while! Here’s a random one I stole from my fave blogger Sandra.

Three things you love:
1. My BF
2. Avocado
3. Nutella

When did you last cry?
About three weeks ago.

What was the last thing you laughed at?
This conversation between me and G. Keeps on happening

Are you having a good hair day?
I’d say so! I washed my hair last night and spent ten minutes blow drying it this morning.

Say something you’re thinking about that is beautiful?
I skyped last night with Katie (who’s in LA) and remembered how upset I was leaving NYC where we met for the first time after 6 years apart. Friendships, no matter how often you see or speak to each other, are beautiful.

Life goal?
To be happy.

Describe the room you are in:
White walls, bed, chest of drawers and a desk. Built in wardrobe. Two plants. Art and photos above my bed.

Where do you want to be in six years?
In a apartment or house in Stockholm (or somewhere else but London) with a toddler running around.

(something like this would be ok!)

One thing you wish for?
Abs. Haha.

Last thing you ate?
I made a salad with falafel, tomatoes, tzatziki, giant couscous and avocado.

Summer plans?
I’m going to Sweden twice. First to see my sis graduate and second to celebrate Midsummer with my bestie. I want to go on road trips to beaches in the UK and visit at least one waterpark.

What did you do 5 months ago?
I have absolutely no idea. It was just after my friends wedding so I’m sure I was still recovering.

A hint on future blog posts?
I want to write a post about what it’s like being an expat and friends you make it different countries. It’ll make sense. Promise.

What’s important in a relationship?
Trust, laughter, passion. Lots of hugs and kisses.

What are the most important qualities in a partner?
I personally want him to be confident, loyal, funny, driven and sexy (duh).

Who did you last kiss?
Haha, my bf.

Do you do anything unnecessary?
Overthink about everything.

Whats the worst thing about this week?
That it’s only Wednesday. But I quite like wednesdays so ignore me.

What are you doing this autumn?
I might go on holiday with my family. Otherwise no plans.

What’s in your fridge?
Almond milk, veggies, avocado, fish, greek yoghurt and kalles kaviar.


Dinner at Clerkenwell Grind


On Monday after a great gym session I met up with Mikaela for dinner at Clerkenwell Grind. What a stunning place.
Velvet, marble, wood. Soft pink, navy and grey. We were both speechless by the interior.clerkenwell grindWe both ordered the ox-cheek pasta which was delicious and just what I needed after a workout, haha.When I visited the ladies I found the basement bar, look!The prettiest bar ever! I love the tall chairs and lights on the bar. Can’t wait to come back!


Hair cut by Nadia Jonning


I like coming to Nadia’s hairsalon. It’s like visiting a friends home but with the added hair styling on top!
Her salon is just by Goodge Street and is as minimal and scandi as it gets, and I love it. I went to see her on friday to get a little trim and catch up.

This is the before and after:My hair feels thicker and healthier which is just what I wanted! I did tell her to chop off some more but she said no… very strange for a hairdresser 😉 But that only proves how good she is!

Thought I’d share some more pictures from previous visits as well!This is after she tried a new treatment on my hair called Smartbond (similar to Olaplex). Suuuuch a good treatment and I might get it again after my holiday.

This was my hair look for the black tie event back in February. Big big waves.

This is only about a year ago, but my hair is so much longer!

And lastly this is back in August last year 🙂

Nadia will have little inserts here and there to recommend products to my followers, which I thought would be fun!
First up is this hair oil:

Essense Absolue by Shu Uemura.
The oil is very moisturising and protects the hair with intense nutrition. It also provides the hair with heat protection without weighing down fine hair. You can use it daily or as a pre shampoo treatment or overnight.
Nadia recommends 1-2 pumps of oil for daily use and apply it from mid-ends and to the ends. For a treatment she says to use 4-5 pumps.
It is one of her personal favourites and she uses it all the time on my hair!

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