Office outfit inspo


Good morning all!
I am finally feeling a little bit better and I am going back to, what I think will be, a mountain of paper work and emails.
Because I’ve been dressed in PJ’s and robes for the last few days I thought I would put together some office outfit inspiration! God knows I need it myself.

I normally wear simple shirts and have for some reason only bought white and blue ones like these:

During winter I wear a long sleeved shirt with black trousers. Possibly navy, but mostly black.

And because my office can get pretty cold I’ll have a blazer nearby just in case! Again, most of these are black but I wouldn’t mind getting one in nude, navy or grey!

And to finish off.. I always wear heels. I’m so used to wearing heels and make sure they are at a comfortable height in order to wear them all day. Currently I’ve got classic black court heels and two pairs of strappy ones in brown and black with a chunkier heel. Again, I wouldn’t mind adding a little bit of colour here!

What do you wear to work? Do you have a uniform? Sometimes I kind of missing wearing a uniform as you always know what to wear, haha!
As soon as it gets a little bit warmer I’ll introduce my work dresses and skirts 🙂


Quick list!


Snapped by Nigel

Best so far this week?
Received a couple of very exciting emails regarding potential collaborations! Other than that, nothing too exciting.

Worst so far this week?
It’s now Thursday and I’ve been pretty ill since monday evening. I’m rarely ill since I’d like to think I lead a pretty healthy life but there’s definitely a bug going around 🙁

I think a lot about:
My blog. I really want to grow the blog this year and I am very excited about it! I spoke to a good friend tuesday evening and he gave me some really good advice in terms of collaborations and pr in general.

What am I wearing today?
Haha, PJ’s and white robe from The White Company

This week I look forward to?
My weekend activities (based on me being well!). On Saturday me and G are going to check out the winter lights festival in Canary Wharf and have a romantic date at Shake Shack (newly opened). On Sunday we are going to a preview screening of Denzel Washingtons new movie Fences, very excited to see that movie!

What am I doing today?
Blog, answer some emails, watch Modern Family and drink lemon water/tea. I also need to cook at some point. Ugh I hate being ill.

Tomorrows plans?
I am hoping to feel better tomorrow and will mostly likely go to work. After work I might meet up with Emelie. Haven’t seen her in ages and feel the need to speak a bit of swedish!



My current situation..


So sorry for the lack of posts but this is my current situation..
It’s not my mom’s pho ga but it’ll do.. I’ve added spring onions, garlic cloves/and chopped garlic, ginger and spicesGreen tea/peppermint tea/chamomile.. anything warm to soothe my throathealthy breakfast: omelet and avocado one of the best juices from Krüger in Canary wharf.
Krüger needs to seriously open up more branches in London – amazing juices and treats for a very (!) reasonable price.
If you have any home remedies let me know please!


Selfies and Shoreditch


Good afternoon friends! Hope you’ve had a good start to the week 🙂
Completely forgot to post about my Saturday. My day was super relaxing and I watched a ridiculous amount of episodes of Modern Family and meal prepped for the next few days. In the evening I got ready in slow motion (had a lot of time on my hands) and ended up looking like this:Hair in loose waves and simple makeup with a little extra on the eyes! I just bought these ardell half strip lashes and really really like them. I find full strip lashes messy and difficult to put on and these were quite easy, plus they give a more natural look.G picked me up and we drove to Shoreditch where Livin’ Proof had an event at Village Underground. I’ve been to their events before and the music is always amazing. Old school and new hip hop and rnb – just what I like!
I bumped into this beauty who’s home for the week from NYC! Total babe.We danced till 3 in the morning which I haven’t done in a while, haha!


Black tie – What to do with my hair?


I’m just going to continue on the black tie vibe as it’s all I’m thinking about right now, haha.

Even though I haven’t fully decided on a dress yet I’m already thinking about hairstyles and makeup.. It’ll either be big curls or a high bun – depending on the dress! If someone’s out there willing to tackle my long hair, let me know! 🙂

I love these kind of curls but it takes a lot of time especially with the length of my hair.

Wedding look two years ago – dress from Issa
This hairstyle lasted for a good couple of hours (the crucial picture taking ones!) and then turned into loose curls.

The classic bun. Most of my friends knows I mean business when I put my hair up in a bun (usually before eating something).. If I go with a dress with a low back/detailed front I would prefer to have my hair up. Not only is it comfortable whilst eating, it looks good too.

NYE look last year

Loose curls is always a winner and is very easy to accomplish with the right products. Would suit any dress I pick.. but I tend to do curls like these often so it would be fun to mix it up a bit!

And lastly are some random hair do’s that are super pretty! I actually did a milk braid hairstyle on myself couple of years back for a wedding and during my time with emirates my hair was always in a low bun!

These hairstyles are all beautiful! How will I ever decide?!

Images from my pinterest and instagram.

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