Copenhagen | Our airbnb, quick visit to my aunt and dinner at Kiin Kiin Bao Bao


    Copenhagen! What a wonderful weekend we’ve had. Very very sad to be back, haha. We left work early on Thursday to go to Stansted Airport. Our flight was delayed and the wing we were in (where most Ryanair flights depart from) was the most disorganised and confusing thing ever. We landed in Copenhagen quite late and got to our airbnb in Hvidovre (just outside of Copenhagen) at midnight. We met our airbnb host and he showed us around our humble…

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  • Throwback to Copenhagen last year

    When this is published me and Alana are in Copenhagen! We’re going for a long weekend and I am so excited. It’s my second time there (in an adult age..) and I can’t wait…

  • Alana’s birthday!

    Yesterday was Alana’s birthday and we celebrated her by going to the London Cocktail Club in Monument – one of my fave places near work. They do a pretty good deal on weekdays. 2…

  • New in: Skincare and haircare

    I just bought a couple of new things for my skin and hair so I thought I’d share it with you! First up.. having short hair isn’t as easy as I had hoped it…

  • DIY: How to update your headboard

    I’m a big fan of DIY projects. Maybe not so much doing it myself but I love reading/watching others makeovers, haha. The other week I found a headboard in our storage room but it…

  • My weekend in pictures

    Once again I feel like my weekend started on a Thursday. My dearest Hannah took the plunge and quit her job (which basically involved sitting next to me..) and I am SO proud of…

  • My first YouTube video!

    FINALLY! My “donating my hair to charity” video is up on my new YouTube channel! I was slightly annoyed that I couldn’t use my wonderful thumbnail that you can see above.. Apparently you need…

  • Kräftskiva / Crayfish – party!!

    I am SO excited for the weekend! I’m slowly teaching Alana how to live like a Swede and on Saturday we’ve been invited by Londonswedes to participate in their annual Kräftskiva at Smith’s Bar &…

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