Midsummer in Stockholm


    Another amazing weekend in Sweden – this time in Stockholm. Me and G flew on Thursday evening to Stockholm and went straight to my boy Arild and his lovely gf Segen. We caught up briefly before going to bed. The next morning I woke up like this.. No, I didn’t. But man, if I could wake up looking like that everyday? Win! Especially with a flower crown on top of my head. We drove to Nynäshamn and got picked up…

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  • My weekend in pictures – Karlstad edition

    Oh what a wonderful long weekend I had! Me and G flew to Stockholm, spent a few hours walking around the beautiful city, had burgers at Vigårda and later took the train to my…

  • Let’s promote walking, shall we?

    I’m currently in my hometown celebrating my sis graduation and dad’s birthday and man I’ve missed being home. As soon as me and G landed in Stockholm we both took deep breathes of fresh air.…

  • My new bedroom – inspiration

    As some of you know I have moved rooms within my house. It hasn’t been pain-free (see evidence above) but it will be worth it! I’ve got all my furniture in etc, so next…

  • What We Wear SS18 and Dirty Bones

    Yesterday afternoon me and G went to see What We Wear SS18 presentation at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. The presentation was called Bring Your Game and Tinie Tempah and his team had…

  • Pool side, tour of the favelas and a new hotel

    And we’re back to yet another random day in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. I woke up super early to catch the sunrise and was not disappointed! This mornings plan was to spend some…

  • My weekend in pictures – with visitors from LA!

    I’ve had the most wonderful weekend ever! I swear! Let’s have a little look: On friday after work I met up with this babe and her husband who’s on their honeymoon! I’ve missed Katie…

  • A sunny day in Rio

    My morning started by the pool with a podcast. G doesn’t really tan (for obvious reasons) but let’s me enjoy some sun which I very much appreciate 🙂 The prettiest pool I then got…

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