Braids, pizza and Supa Dupa Fly mansion party


    My weekend in pictures! On Friday evening me and G went to Islington to see Fixation (exhibition) which my friend Makesa Kaizen curated with Richard Nixon. We couldn’t stay for long so didn’t get a chance to say hi but a massive well done to them both! After our quick visit we went to Pergola on the roof in Paddington which was super busy! Our friends had a table and we got some drinks and yummy pizza and talked about…

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  • This week

    I’ve had the busiest day and work and it isn’t over just yet. I’m soon going to Silk & Grain near work to help my friend Albi out with taking pictures. Let’s look at…

  • Chop Chop | First official photoshoot

    I’ve mentioned Chop Chop here and there in previous posts and let me tell you a little more about it. Chop Chop is launching early next year and it is, in short, dry-styling on…

  • Wednesday list

    Mood today? Pretty positive. Even though I am buried under a load of work from several jobs I’m feeling pretty good. Which swear word do you use the most? Probably shit. I don’t swear…

  • Birthday wishlist!

    Right. My birthday is on the 4th of December and I do love birthdays, I really do, but mostly others. I like planning dinners for others, presents for others, suprises for others but I…

  • #metoo

    Me too. Have any of you missed the #metoo campaign that Tarana Burke started 10 years ago and has recently gone viral? Thought not. I’ve read so many comments, articles and spoken to so…

  • On my mind

    I was inspired by my fave Swedish bloggers Elsa and Sandra to write a “what’s on my mind” post so here we go! – What do I wish for my birthday? I did a list last…

  • My weekend in pictures

    I promise I haven’t lost interest with the blog – I just need some inspiration for posts and time! Last weekend was super active and I didn’t really get enough pictures of everything I…

  • Recipe | Dairy free cauliflower and carrot soup

    Recipe time! For some reason I got the itch to make soup last week. I immediately went on pinterest and combined a couple of different recipes, as you do. Ingredients: A big cauliflower head…

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